5 Things You Should Do If Tested Corona Positive


5 Things You Should Do If Tested Corona Positive

With the world is facing serious coronavirus outbreak, thousands of cases and dozens of deaths have been reported daily. It has become a nationwide crisis that could severely strain the health care system in the country. The treatment requires isolation ward, medicines, medical equipment on a large scale. Therefore, being responsible citizens we have to take collective measures to prevent it.

However, if by chance you test corona positive, then do not panic. Here you can read five things that you should do to combat the virus and recover faster.  

Consult With Family Doctor           

If you feel the symptoms like cold, cough, flu, short breathe, and headache, during the lockdown, then immediately consult with a doctor over the phone. Take medicine for the prescribed period and go for self-isolation.  If the symptoms persist, take the doctor’s suggestion and follow the protocols.

Take the Test

Doctors opine that if the symptoms get worse, approach the authorized laboratories in government or private hospitals to take the test. There are different ways lab professionals do the coronavirus test.  So, submit your samples, deposit the fees, and get the test report. 

Test Positive

If test positive get admitted in the hospital and start your treatment, then follow the isolation protocol as per suggested by doctors. Take the medicines, stay under the surveillance, so that medical professionals can keep a check on your health conditions and improvement.  Remember, the fatality rate is very less in the corona. So, you should not worry and focus on your recovery.

Health Insurance Claim

Once get admitted to the isolation ward at the hospital, you can go for a health insurance claim. Either you can opt for a cashless facility or reimbursement to start your treatment. As per the IRDAI guideline, your claim will be settled expeditiously.

Do Not Lose Hopes

If you follow the protocols of isolation, cooperate with health care attendants, and do not need to lose hope. Many of the corona patients have recovered and already back to normal life. So, be a fighter and stand strong to fight back corona for yourself and your loved ones.

Advice for Family Members

If anyone from your family gets infected due to COVID-19, then you should not create a panic out of it. You should share your experience with your near and dear ones, how you diagnose it, and what are the protocols you followed. Do not hide or no need to feel guilty about it. Share more information and experience that helps to stop its spread.


Vaccination, mask, social distancing, quarantine, and preventive measures are the ways to curtail the transmission of the infectious virus. 

Also, it’s good to opt for health insurance 'Care'- an exclusive health insurance plan for you and your family offered by Care Health Insurance is a wise choice in corona crisis.

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Disclaimer: The above information is for reference purposes only. Kindly consult your general physician for verified medical advice. The health insurance benefits are subject to policy terms and conditions. Refer to your policy documents for more information.

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