5 Precautionary Steps to Combat Coronavirus


5 Precautionary Steps to Combat Coronavirus

What is Coronavirus? 

When we talk about coronaviruses in general, it includes a variety of diseases such as SARS, common cold, MERS and the like. Recently, a severe form of the respiratory syndrome that has been affecting thousands of people across the world has been termed as Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). This viral infection has been declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO). As of now, there is no specific treatment or vaccination available for its cure. Health experts are constantly recommending people to avoid traveling abroad and practice social distancing and good hygiene practices like washing your hands with soap or using a sanitizer with 60% alcohol content. The situation is unprecedented which is why many health insurance plans have included COVID-19 in the list of ailments that are covered under their respective policies.

What are its Signs and Symptoms?

This respiratory disease is known to resemble several seasonal illnesses, due to which detection has been a big cause of concern. In most cases, people suffer from fever, dry cough, cold, fatigue, diarrhea and difficulty in breathing. However, severe cases, specifically among patients above 60 years of age, exhibit symptoms such as bronchitis, pneumonia, impaired lungs, and kidney failure. If an individual shows any of the above symptoms, then self-quarantine for a time period of 14 days is recommended. If the symptoms persist or worsen, then the patient must get tested for COVID-19. As this situation can be a panicky one for you and your loved ones, buying a family health plan can prove to be a good practice.

5 Ways in Which You Can Protect Yourself From COVID-19:

1.Social Distancing

It is recommended to maintain at least 1-meter distance from a person who is exhibiting any symptom of COVID-19 in order to safeguard yourself.

2.Washing Hands

One of the most vital steps to combat COVID-19 is having germ-free hands at all times. This is because the virus can spread to your mouth or eyes if you touch your face with unclean hands. Hence, medical practitioners are recommending washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

3.Using Hand Sanitizers

Oftentimes, when people are out and about, washing hands can be a little difficult. Hand sanitizers play a huge role in saving yourself from contracting COVID-19 as the alcohol present in it kills the germs efficiently.

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4.Wearing A Mask

This precautionary step needs to be understood with clarity as a lot of misinformation is circulating around. For individuals who are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, wearing a mask is important so that others do not catch it from them. However, people who do not show signs of this disease are not required to wear a mask. 

5.Adhering to Advisories

As COVID-19 has caused despair all over the world, every country is issuing advisories for citizens to follow. Thus, it is essential that you read the advisories issued by your state and central government for being completely aware of the situation. Additionally, avoiding any traveling to countries that are badly hit by this pandemic is an advisory that should be taken very seriously.

In this time of concern, Care Health Insurance urges everyone to be responsible, practice social distancing, heed the advisories, and connect with the relevant authorities in case anyone around you shows any symptoms - let’s help flatten the curve.

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Disclaimer: The above information is for reference purposes only. Kindly consult your general physician for verified medical advice. The health insurance benefits are subject to policy terms and conditions. Refer to your policy documents for more information.

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