Why is Trip Cancellation Coverage in a Travel Insurance Important


Why is Trip Cancellation Coverage in a Travel Insurance Important

Rahul, Aayush, and Mehek had always dreamt of visiting the Warner Bro's Studio in London to see the wizarding world together. As the three childhood friends grew up and had reputable jobs, they finally decided to go and fulfil their childhood dream.

All three of them contributed their savings and planned a budget-friendly trip. They found good hotels at affordable rates, booked their tickets, and but skipped buying a travel insurance plan as the three were in a healthy state to travel. 

Everything was working as planned, but an unfortunate accident left Rahul with a minor fracture two days before leaving for the trip.

Although it cost them months of non-refundable savings, the three friends cancelled the trip as they wanted to visit platform nine and three quarters together.

Cancelling a trip after all the plans are made; must be disheartening to both you and your pocket. We understand sometimes it becomes necessary to cancel your trips despite the money and time spent on the planning. Thus, we know how essential it is to get an international travel insurance plan while planning a trip abroad. 

But, if the accident occurred before starting the trip, how would travel insurance help in such a case, you may wonder. Here, the trip cancellation coverage comes into the picture as your rescuer. 

Let’s explore a bit of this! 

What is a Trip Cancellation Coverage?

Trip Cancellation Insurance helps you reimburse the non-refundable expenses made in booking airlines, cruises, hotels, etc. if you happen to cancel your trip due to an unforeseen crisis. 

However, some travel insurance companies may charge an extra amount to add up the trip cancellation coverage in your travel insurance plan, while others may not.  At Care Health Insurance, we provide standard coverage for trip cancellation under travel insurance plans.

Are Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruptions Same?

Although trip cancellation and interruptions can be bought together in a comprehensive travel insurance plan, the two terms are sometimes different.

Trip interruption in a travel insurance plan reimburses you for the expenses incurred while you are on a trip. The benefit also reimburses you for the expenses already made for the remaining portion of your journey. It also covers the last-minute flight booking for returning to the land of residence. 

What are the Covered Reasons for Trip Cancellation?

The trip cancellation benefits and reasons covered may vary from one plan to the other. Thus, it is always suggested to read your plan's terms & conditions before buying the complete plan. If the confusion persists in any of the clauses, feel free to ask your insurer.

Here are a few reasons that qualify the eligibility criteria for trip cancellation reimbursement for most travel insurance plans.

  • Unforeseen medical emergencies of the insured or the ailment or death of an immediate family member.
  • Natural calamities in the country you are about to visit.
  • Terrorist attacks or riots in the country you are supposed to visit.
  • Passport loss is at least ten days before leaving for the trip.
  • Government’s regulate advisory for not to travel. 

Can Trip Cancellations be Reimbursed for all Cancellations?

Not all insurance companies will provide reimbursement if you do not qualify for the listed reasons for cancelling the trip. However, if you are sceptical about your trip, your insurer may provide an upgraded premium that provides reimbursement for cancellation for any reason.

Final Words

Ever been in the shoes of Rahul, Aayush, or Mehek? If yes, you must have felt the pain of cancelling all the plans! Although your travel medical insurance can cover your medical expenses, you may still face a pathetic loss if you have to balance all the non-refundable plans before even starting your trip! 

Well, worry no more! If you have bought the International travel insurance plan from Care health insurance, you have already taken the right step by being covered with trip cancellation benefits! And if you still need to do the right job, now is the time to secure all your further trip cancellations with trip cancellation coverage!

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and claims underwriting are subject to policy terms and conditions. Kindly refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.


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