Top 5 Tips for Passing Your US Visa Interview


top 5 tips for passing your us visa interview

Some Useful Tips to Successfully Clear the US Visa Interview

Visiting the United States is an extraordinary experience for many travelers. The United States of America is an incredible travel destination with vibrant cities, distinct landscapes, and rich culture. As a foreign citizen, if you intend to visit the US, then you are required to apply for a US visa. Buying a US Travel Insurance is also highly recommended to prevent the financial burden in case of emergencies.

Completing a visa interview in your home country is a mandatory step in the visa application process. The chances of your application getting accepted or rejected depend a lot on how well your interview goes. Thorough preparation and clear knowledge about the do’s and don’ts are extremely necessary for the success of the interview.

We give you some useful tips for successfully passing the US visa interview.

Prepare in Advance

Firstly, carry the supporting documents required for your visa application. It is a mandatory step in the visa application procedure.

Secondly, find the possible answers to the commonly asked questions in visa interviews. One crucial question asked in the interview is - what is the purpose of your US visit? You must aim to keep your responses short wherever possible and should elaborate your answers only if necessary. Answer the questions with complete honesty. Plan accordingly in case your answer needs to be validated by a supporting document. For instance, a recent bank statement is proof of your ties in your country of residence.

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Dress Appropriately

There is no dress code that is recommended for the visa applicants. However, wearing formal attire is advisable as it is perfect for the occasion and would help make a good impression upon the interviewer. Make sure your clothes are comfortable and well-ironed. Avoid too many accessories.

Reach on Time

Visa applicants must schedule an appointment at the U.S. Embassy or the Consulate or the Visa Application Centre (VAC) and must visit in person for the interview. It is advisable to schedule the interview at least one day before the interview date. Furthermore, you must arrive at the venue much before the scheduled time. Hence, it is essential to start early, considering exigencies like traffic jams.

Stay Confident

It is quite natural to become nervous about any interview. Yet, you must not let your nervousness be visible. Effective communication is a must-have skill that can help you in any situation. Be calm and polite while answering the questions and remember to smile often.

Polish your English

Although you can take the help of an interpreter as the conversation is most likely to take place in English, but it is better to give the answers yourself by polishing your skills before the interview. Do not request the help of your friends or members of your family if you do not understand any question. You must remain calm and request the interviewer to repeat the question.

Once the application gets approved, it takes a minimum of five working days for the US Embassy or Consulate to issue the visa. By adhering to the tips specified above, provided you have a genuine purpose for visiting the country, greatly improves the chances of you clearing the visa interview.

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