How Does Personal Liability Cover in Travel Insurance Benefit Your Trip


How Does Personal Liability Cover in Travel Insurance Benefit Your Trip

An experience as enriching as travelling can be equally unpredictable. While you need to be wary of common incidents of theft and medical needs, you must stay informed about an unfortunate situation of ‘personal liability’. As complicated as it may sound, personal liability is an incident that can force you into financial loss for an accident occurring on a foreign land– whether intentionally or not. 

The good news is that you can easily get through this tough phase of liability by opting for the right travel insurance plan. An ideal policy will cover you against third party mishaps that may cost you legal and financial trouble. 

Today, the purpose of this blog is to educate you about what personal liability is and how personal liability coverage in travel insurance works.

What is Personal Liability?

Suppose you accidentally spill hot coffee, burning an old lady during your overseas flight. However unintentional the accident was, the elderly may sue you for the legal responsibility of treatment and the harm caused. This is a typical case of personal liability wherein you become personally liable to pay for any damage done to a third party.

Simply put, personal liability is your legal responsibility towards the third party to pay for the expenses incurred by them due to your negligence. Usually, travellers take the legal way to resolve the matter and settle the issue. 

The worst part is that personal liability can become an expensive affair, including liability charges and matters taken to the court. It may spoil your trip if you are not prepared for it. Your stress can be significantly reduced if you have bought liability coverage insurance. But what is Liability coverage or personal liability in travel insurance? Let us explain.

What is Personal Liability Cover in Travel Insurance?

Personal liability coverage in travel insurance is a benefit offered by travel insurance companies under which the  insurer reimburses the amount  for any liability charges caused unintentionally or due to the specified reasons. Under the  personal liability coverage in travel insurance, the insurance bearer can seek help from the insurer to get free of the liability charged to them in a foreign land. 

Although some travel insurance companies provide a personal liability cover at an additional premium, the Travel Insurance by Care Insurance offers personal liability coverage under the standard policy benefits without any additional charges. . But how does a personal liability cover in the Explore  Travel Insurance work? Read on to know.

How Does Personal Liability Coverage in Travel Insurance Work?

Being charged with liability in a foreign country can be stressful, given that you are not aware of the laws and provisions of the new country. However, here are steps in which you can get out of a third party liability issue:

Step 1: Once you have been charged for personal liability, make sure to check whether the charges are false or not. You must always remember that your travel insurance will only cover personal liability that is “false” or “unintentional”. Any charges for intentional harm caused by you may not be covered under your travel plan. 

Step 2: As soon as you make sure the charges are false, or you did not intentionally harm the third party, contact your insurer and narrate the issue. You should reach out to the insurer through the given emergency numbers. 

Step 3: Once you inform your insurer, they may ask you to provide a few documents or proof of innocence. Once the insurance company has done all the verifications, you should let the insurer talk to the third party as your formal representative.

Step 4: You should cooperate with your insurer and let them persuade the third party to the settlement. If the third party agrees to an out-of-court settlement, then the insurer shall pay the decided settlement amount to the third party from the sum insured of your travel insurance plan. 

Step 5: If in case, the third party takes the matter to court and does not agree upon an out-of-court settlement, the insurer shall help you financially to get through the legal procedures. 

If the third party agrees upon an out-of-court settlement, and you decide to take the matter to court, please note that your insurance company will no longer be liable to pay for the expenses incurred in the procedure.

*Please note that the steps mentioned above may differ occasionally; for accurate details, please refer to the policy documents or talk to your insurer.

Wrapping Up

If you are a traveller who did not think of getting covered for mishaps such as personal liability to date, you must consider getting one for your next trip. 

Moreover, you should know that you do not have to pay a higher premium to buy travel insurance with personal liability coverage. You can simply buy a travel insurance plan from Care health insurance and get covered for the personal liability in the base plan. 

What are you waiting for? Buy/ port your plan to Care travel insurance today! 

Disclaimer: The plan benefits mentioned above are for reference purposes only. For details and a clearer perspective of the plan, check out the policy’s document carefully.

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