5 Benefits of Not Hiding Your Medical History from Your Travel Insurer


5 Benefits of Not Hiding Your Medical History from Your Travel Insurer

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Are you starting your new venture abroad? Take a pause! 

Imagine your comprehensive, all-inclusive international travel insurance plan giving you the cold shoulder in times of a medical emergency abroad. In such a situation, you are coerced to spend the funds you saved to buy special gifts for your loved ones back home. Nightmarish right?

You may get stuck in one such situation where your travel insurer may turn a deaf ear to your requests. Your travel insurer may refuse to cover you if you haven’t informed them about your pre-existing medical problems or your past medical history. 

Don’t worry; keep reading further to learn how to avoid such a situation.

Firstly, Understand What Past Medical History is?

Any ailments, diseases, or surgeries you have or may have had are termed as past-medical history. Certain medical histories of patients may become a hindrance while buying a travel insurance plan due to the increased risks of complications while travelling. A few conditions that may be considered in the past medical history are:

  • Health ailments that demand regular visits to the doctor
  • Recent invasive surgeries
  • A medical emergency has been prescribed surgery soon
  • Pre-existing chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Cancer, Kidney Failure, or AIDS

Why is it Necessary to Discuss Your Medical History with Your Travel Insurer? 

If you do not disclose your past medical history to your travel insurance company, the premium set for your coverage may be relatively low. As a result, you may get coverage for limited conditions. However, suppose you discuss your pre-medical history and inform your insurer about any complications beforehand. In that case, your insurer may carefully understand your needs and design a premium that suits your needs well. Hence, although your travel insurer will suggest a pre-medical checkup, it is the wisest choice to inform your insurer beforehand about any medical complications you may have.

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5 Benefits of Disclosing Past Medical History to Your Travel Insurance Company 

A travel insurance plan typically covers you for any emergencies such as trip cancellation, flight delay, baggage loss, theft, burglary, and medical emergencies. The more transparent you are about your past medical history, the greater will be the chances of getting full travel coverage.  Here are a few benefits that disclosing your complete medical history may bring to your travel insurance plan: 

You Get Coverage Security

Revealing your pre-existing medical issues beforehand can help you rest assured about any medical complications on your way to a comfortable journey. By informing your insurer beforehand about the complications, the chances of getting your claims settled increase by up to 95%. 

You Get Full Access to Online Comparison 

Not all travel insurance companies will cover you for pre-existing diseases. With the online comparison option, you can filter out a lot of travel insurance plans that do not meet your travel needs. 

You Can Customise Your Travel Insurance Plan

Informing your travel insurer about your medical history is also beneficial, as your insurer may help you with a customised plan that meets your requirements! To avail of a customised plan of your choice you must discuss your needs. Revealing your medical condition will help the process be easier.

You Get Saved from Fake Promises

Many travel insurance companies will set higher stakes regarding promises and will meet none when the time comes! However, being more precise about your medical history will filter vague promises, leaving you with the best travel insurance plan for yourself.

Your Travel Insurance Plan will Still be Economic

Medical expenses abroad are way higher as compared to medical costs in India. Taking a travel insurance plan that doesn’t cover you for your pre-existing medical illness can cause you to pay prices twice as higher as your premium! 

Buying a travel insurance plan after disclosing your pre-medical history will ensure that you can claim your expenses later. Hence, buying a plan this way is economical and can help you save more!

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Final Verdict

A travel insurance plan is one of the most important things to purchase while planning a trip overseas. You can choose Care Health Insurance to avail of comprehensive travel coverage for your upcoming overseas trip. Just feel free to discuss your comorbidities with your insurer.  Mention all that you expect from your travel insurance plan, and pack your bags! We will get you a comprehensive plan in no time! 

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Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and claims underwriting are subject to policy terms and conditions. Kindly refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.


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