Prepare for Unexpected Medical Expenses on your Journey Abroad: Opt for Travel Insurance


prepare for unexpected medical expenses on your journey abroad opt for travel insurance

Travel Insurance for Unexpected Medical Expenses on your Journey Abroad

Traveling to an international destination requires meticulous planning, irrespective of whether you are a first-timer and a frequent traveler. Right from getting a visa and buying foreign currency to packing your luggage and reaching the airport on time, preparation is necessary in order to avoid last-minute hassles.

Be it a business trip or a family vacation, visiting a foreign location is certainly an enlightening experience. However, you should never ignore the travel-related health risks you might face, especially if you are traveling alone. Buying international travel insurance is a reliable solution when it comes to dealing with any unforeseen situation that might happen on your journey.

You can minimize the chances of a medical emergency by researching about the prevalent health issues in the foreign country you are heading to and taking suitable precautions. But, nothing beats comprehensive foreign travel insurance which offers you complete financial support in case you find yourself in an unpleasant situation that requires medical attention;

Travel insurance helps you in many unique ways; one of them is by minimizing your medical expenses. We discuss below the specific coverage and benefits you are entitled to when you buy travel insurance.

Emergency Hospitalization

Emergency hospitalization may be required if you have pre-existing conditions like asthma, diabetes, hypertension, etc. that worsen during your trip and turn life-threatening. On the other hand, hospitalization may also be necessary if you encounter injuries like a fractured foot from a sudden fall or if you develop sickness by consuming the local food. This is where having an overseas travel medical insurance becomes important.

Since medical treatment in a foreign country can be expensive, a travel insurance policy can greatly reduce your burden. Moreover, cashless insurance cover makes things easier.

Medical Evacuation

Medical evacuation is a process wherein the person requiring medical attention is transported, either through the air or other modes, to the nearest healthcare facility. Care Travel Insurance policies offer coverage for evacuation services.

If you plan to buy travel insurance online, make sure to check this feature. Also, you must remember that in order to avail the insurance cover, the medical facility where the insured person is taken should be listed within the policy network of the insurance company.

As an advantage, a good travel insurance policy enables you to go for further treatment in your home country for a certain specified period.


Any mishap that causes serious physical injuries is a reason to worry as it can ruin the entire travel experience. While there is nothing in the world that can match the love and support of one’s family at this hour of need, a travel insurance plan comes just close by providing the much-needed financial cushion.

Travel insurance offers double amount of sum insured in case the insured person faces accidental hospitalization, subject to policy terms and conditions. That is an increased coverage for the same travel insurance premium spent on purchasing the policy.

Furthermore, international travel insurance also covers the expenses incurred if the insured person, unfortunately, loses his or her life or faces permanent total disability. Ideally, travel insurance also includes a repatriation cover.

The Exclusions you Should be Aware of

The exclusions are mentioned in the policy documents which specify the scenarios where you cannot make a claim on your travel insurance policy.

As treatment for pre-existing medical conditions is often not covered unless it becomes life-threatening, you must ensure to check the policy details before buying the foreign travel insurance. Also, remember to check the amount of travel insurance premium.

Expenses for treatment of self-inflicted injury, pregnancy, mental illnesses, etc. are usually not covered in an overseas travel medical insurance plan.

When buying travel insurance, you must note that the medical treatment cover is offered only in case of emergency hospitalization. If you are traveling overseas for a planned surgery or other medical treatment, your travel insurance policy may not work then. Similarly, pregnancy and childbirth are cases where making a claim on your travel insurance may not be possible, unless there is a serious complication.

Care Travel Insurance gives you the choice to make your overseas travel smooth and worry-free with comprehensive international travel insurance that covers both your medical and non-medical expenses.