Everything You Need to Know About Regional Passport Office in Passport


Everything You Need to Know About Regional Passport Office in Passport

Observing all the travel freedom it provides, it is safe to say that your Indian passport is more than just a travel document. Regulated by the Ministry of External Affairs, your passport is one document that gives you your national identity in a foreign land. Not just this. As of 2023, an Indian passport allows you to travel visa-free in up to 57 cross-border countries. 


Everything we said above is a pink picture of the powerful Indian passport. However, have you ever wondered how things work at the backend? 

In our previous blogs for Indian passports, we have discussed the procedure and related information of passport application. Today, let us take you across the curtains and give you a clear picture of one of the most crucial components of the passport application procedure- “The Regional Passport Office”. 

A Regional Passport Office or RPO is a government body that looks after the issuance, renewal, application and delivery of passports in India. The Regional Passport Office ensures seamless passport processing by collaborating with various PSK and POPSKs in the country.

Before we jump on to understand everything about Regional Passport Offices, let us have a look at the types of passport offices.

What are the Types of Passport Offices in India

Various types of Passport Offices regulate passport issuance services in India. The country's major types of passport offices are mentioned below:

Regional Passport Office: RPOs are regional centres that look after various passport issuance activities, such as passport application, diplomatic passports, passport renewal, etc. Additionally, Regional Passport Offices look after appeals such as passport fraud, fake passports, etc.

Passport Seva Kendra: PSKs are streamlined passport offices working on society's front end. Located at a district level, PSKs are offices that assist applicants in performing all the steps of passport application. From filling out passport applications and biometric verification to police verification, PSKs assist an applicant in the early stages of passport application.

Passport Seva Camps: Like voter ID application camps, passport seva camps are remote camps established for a limited time whenever passport applications increase in a locality. 

Passport Seva Laghu Kendra: As the name suggests, PSLK is Laghu- a small camp that assists applicants from remote areas. These small, streamlined camps are usually established in remote areas to cater to passport application demands. 

Post Office Passport Seva Kendra: Passport Seva Kendra operational from certain Post offices in a district/locality is known as POPSK. The purpose of these passport offices is also to be reachable to the remote areas of towns.

Passport Seva Kendra at Police Headquarters: PSK-PH are Passport Application Centres that are operational from certain police headquarters. These Passport Seva Kendra are helpful for individuals who require special police verification during their passport application.

Diplomatic Passport Issuance Authority: If you are applying for a diplomatic passport, you can contact your nearest Diplomatic Passport Issuance Authority rather than a general Passport Seva Kendra.

Apart from the above-mentioned Passport issuing bodies, the passport issuing authority in India also provides services such as Passport Seva Home Connect and Passport Seva Kendra for Differently Abled Citizens to ensure that the passport application services can reach every individual who needs them.

How is the Regional Passport Office Different from Passport Seva Kendra?

The Regional Passport Offices and the Passport Seva Kendra aim to provide a seamless passport issuance facility. However, tabulated below are remarkable differences between an RPO and a PSK. 

Features Regional Passport Office Passport Seva Kendra
Operational Areas RPOs handle a broad jurisdiction as compared to PSKs. RPOs manage and provide complex issues of passport applications such as diplomatic passport applications. RPOs also look after passport applications that PSKs can not handle. PSKs are district-level government bodies that look after the passport application process in the initial stages.
Services Regional Passport Offices address matters such as creating diplomatic passports. The RPO also looks after escalations raised due to fake passports, blacklisted passports etc. Passport Seva Kendras are offices that assist applicants during the initial stages of passport applications. The PSK assist in procedures such as biometric verification, passport application, etc.
Locations Regional Passport Offices are generally situated in larger cities. Passport Seva Kendra are government bodies situated at a district level.
Processing Time Due to the large number of appeals and escalations, RPOs may take longer processing time. The workforce at PSKs is streamlined; thus, the processing time at PSKs is less than at Regional Passport Offices.

Now that you understand the functionality of Regional Passport Offices and Passport Seva Kendra let’s learn how to choose the right Regional Passport Office.


How to Choose a Regional Passport Office?

While applying for a passport, it is crucial to opt for the right Regional Passport Office to ensure a hassle-free passport application. To choose the right RPO during passport application, you can abide by the below-mentioned tips:

Spot the Correct Jurisdiction of Your Area: You should apply for an RPO based on the jurisdiction of your area. The jurisdiction can be determined based on your current residential address. Thus, while choosing an RPO, you should spot the correct Jurisdiction of your current address.

Take the Help of the Passport Seva Portal: If you need clarification on which jurisdiction you come under, you can complete the passport application online and fill in the correct details. The Passport Seva Portal will automatically assign you the correct RPO.

Verify During Document Verification: If you reach out to your nearest PSK, you can ask one of the authorised personnel to guide you in spotting the correct RPO. They will verify your address and will accordingly suggest the correct RPO.

List of Regional Passport Offices in India

Below is a list of 17 Regional Passport Offices in India per the Ministry of External Affairs. 

Location Contact Person Telephone Email
Ahmedabad Wren Mishra 079-26309114 rpo.ahmedabad@mea.gov.in
Bengaluru  Krishna K. 25706100-102 rpo.bangalore@mea.gov.in
Bhubaneshwar Sudhansu Sekhar Mishra 0674-2563855 rpo.bbsr@mea.gov.in
Chandigarh Ms. Priyanka Mehtani IFS 1722601863 rpo.chandigarh@mea.gov.in
Cochin Midhun T.R 0484-2311323 rpo.cochin@mea.gov.in
Chennai S. Koventhan 044-28518848 rpo.chennai@mea.gov.in
Delhi  Shri Abhishek Dubey 011-26184000 rpo.delhi@mea.gov.in
Guwahati Cherakung Zeliang 0361-2300101 rpo.guwahati@mea.gov.in
Hyderabad Dasari Balaiah 040 72215333 rpo.hyderabad@mea.gov.in
Jammu Shri Nishith Kumar Shil, AIS 0191-2433359 rpo.jammu@mea.gov.in
Jaipur Ms Neetu M. Bhagotia 0141-2702515 rpo.jaipur@mea.gov.in
Kolkata  Ashish Middha 033-4007-1212 rpo.kolkata@mea.gov.in
Lucknow Kanishk Sharma, IFS 0522-2307534 rpo.lucknow@mea.gov.in
Madurai V. Surulirajan 0452-2520956 rpo.madurai@mea.gov.in
Mumbai Dr. Rajesh Gawande 022-26520034 rpo.mumbai@mea.gov.in
Pune Dr Arjun Deore 020-27209999 rpo.pune@mea.gov.in
Patna Ms Tavishi Behal Pandey 0612-2207378 rpo.patna@mea.gov.in

*Disclaimer: The list above is subject to change. Please visit the official website of MEA for details on regional offices.

How to Change Registered RPO in Passport

You should know that you cannot change your Regional Passport Office easily once you register for a passport. The changes in RPO shall only be done in dire situations for which you may have to follow a lengthy procedure. Thus, it is advised that you choose your RPO carefully at the time of registration. 

However, to change the registered RPO in Passport, you should follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Collect all the necessary documents such as current passport, copy of current passport and proof of new residential address.
  • Step 2: Register again with a new email ID on the Passport Seva Portal and apply for a re-issue of your passport. 
  • Step 3: Fill in all the details carefully and select the new RPO based on your current residential address and jurisdiction. 
  • Step 4: Select an appropriate date for document verification and pay the passport application fee.
  • Step 5: To update your RPO, obtain a police verification from your local police station.
  • Step 6: Visit the nearest PSK for verification on the appointment date. 
  • Step 7: Once the verification is done, wait for the approval and processing of your new passport. Meanwhile, you can track your passport status through the Passport file number provided to you.

Secure Your Passport with the Best Travel Insurance

We hope this blog fulfilled its purpose of educating you about the Regional Passport Offices. Now that you understand the complexity of passport issuance, we advise you to apply for a passport even more carefully. 

Once you receive your Indian passport, you should take all the necessary steps to keep your precious documents safe. Even while you embark on an international trip, you should place your documents safely and secure your documents with the best travel insurance.

Although travel insurance for international trips may not decrease the stress if you lose your passport abroad, it can surely cover the costs incurred in retrieving the document. Thus, you should always ensure financial security with comprehensive travel insurance before embarking on a new journey to make memories!

Disclaimer: All plan features, benefits, coverage, and claims underwriting are subject to policy terms and conditions. Kindly refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

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