International Travel Insurance: Are They Helpful During International Trips?


International Travel Insurance: Are They Helpful During International Trips?

Travelling abroad can be as unpredictable as it is recharging. Whether you are flying off for a leisurely vacation or on a business trip, you should be prepared for any misadventures that may catch you off guard. One of the best ways to protect your budget from unexpected medical emergencies amid your journey is to opt for the right travel insurance.

This blog will educate you about international travel insurance and how it works during your international trip so you can make an informed decision about buying it before your next trip. 

What is International Travel Insurance?

International Travel insurance provides financial aid against unprecedented travel-related events such as medical emergencies, trip cancellations, trip interruptions, passport loss, or theft during an overseas journey. A travel cover protects your trip budget and savings from draining due to the unbearable cost of emergency medical care in a foreign land.  

How Does International Travel Insurance Work? 

International Travel insurance works the same way as health insurance or other generalised insurance. The policy is an agreement wherein the insurance company agrees to cover the insured member during their overseas trip; against any travel-related emergencies for a premium payment as per the coverage.

Suppose you lose one of your checked-in baggage during your overseas trip. As soon as you start reporting for the baggage, you may incur several expenses, such as taxi bills to reach the nearest police personnel. Even the most trivial incidents can cost you a fortune in a foreign land. 

In such a case, you can file a claim and submit proof of your costs in retrieving the baggage. Your travel insurance agent will verify the proofs and check if the claim gets approved. Once approved, your insurer will settle your claim by reimbursing the specified amount. 

However, you must understand the plan's basic coverage while purchasing the policy to ensure that your travel insurance comes to the rescue during your international trip. 

What Coverage Benefits to Expect in an International Travel Insurance Policy?

The policy coverage can vary depending on the type of policy you choose. Typically most travel covers should include the following benefits:

Medical Expenses

Any sickness or injuries during your trip abroad resulting in hospitalisation can be reimbursed through your international travel insurance. You should keep the necessary bills and documents handy to ensure your claim is accepted.

Trip Cancellation

Any medical or non-medical emergency listed in the travel insurance plan that leads to a trip cancellation shall be considered in the plan. Any non-refundable expenses in such a case shall be covered if provided with appropriate proof.

Trip Interruption

Any covered reason that leads to a return to the home country amidst the trip shall be paid in a travel insurance policy bought from Care Health Insurance. Once approved, your insurance may cover the flight expenses to return home and reimburse you for the unused portion of your trip if stated in the policy brochure.

Lost or Stolen Luggage

Any trip hiccups caused due to lost or stolen luggage during your trip can be financially covered in a travel insurance plan bought from Care Health Insurance.

Emergency Assistance

In an emergency, such as the sudden demise of the insured or immediate blood relative, your travel insurance plan can come to be of use. The plan may provide emergency financial aid such as repatriation of mortal remains or a companion visit reimbursement. 

Covid-19 Emergencies

Pandemic-related emergencies that may lead to trip cancellation, emergency hospitalisation, or other eventualities can be covered through a standardised covid-19 reimbursement in your travel insurance plan. 

Key Things to Check Before Buying International Travel Insurance

While buying a travel insurance plan, it is important to read the policy brochure carefully to avoid any surprises in an emergency. Here are a few things to keep in mind while buying travel insurance: 

Compare the Plan’s coverage 

Whether buying travel insurance online or through an insurance agent, it is important to read the plan’s prospectus thoroughly and know its basic coverage. 

Countries abroad are more expensive than India in most cases. Plus, the travel charges and an unexpected encounter with a medical mishap can be enough to spoil your trip. Thus, To make sure you are covered well, ensure that your plan has enough sum to serve you in times of emergency.

Know what is not covered

It is equally important to know what is not covered in travel insurance as it is to know what is covered. So that you can avoid surprises at the last moment, we recommend you buy travel insurance only after checking the plan's exclusions. 

Clarify your doubts

Only purchase a plan after clearing all the doubts arising from the prospect plan. The language used in the plan’s prospectus is more formal and can confuse many. If any confusions arise while reading the plan, ensure that you clear it up by connecting with a customer representative within the 15-day free lookout period after buying the policy.

Disclose your pre-existing health issues

If you or any insured members have a pre-existing health condition, we recommend you mention the condition in the “pre-existing” disease column. A plan that provides appropriate coverage for the pre-existing condition will ensure that you do not have to derail your budget if your existing health condition worsens during the trip. 

Final Thoughts

An International Travel insurance can save your trip from turning into a nightmare. Thus, the next time you plan an overseas trip, don’t forget to secure it with an appropriate travel insurance plan from Care Health Insurance.

The travel insurance plans from Care Health Insurance are well-designed and customisable, covering most of your travel-related needs. To buy the plan, you can either visit the website and buy it online within a few easy steps or call one of our representatives, who will help you purchase the best plans. 

A safe trip is just a few taps away! 

Disclaimer: Please verify the policy details and coverage with official documents. Also, kindly consult a professional medical expert to confirm the details of your health concerns.

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