COVID-19 Healthcare: Which Face Mask is Better?


COVID-19 Healthcare: Which Face Mask is Better?

COVID-19 pandemic has changed lives drastically. Gone are the days when you move outside your home, do parties, shopping, commute to the office freely. These days you afraid to touch even the milk packets or groceries that come from the market. To ensure the safety measures during the corona outbreak, the Health Ministry has advised people to wear masks when they step out during the pandemic for healthcare. But which face mask is better for health safety? If this question also strikes your mind daily, read the difference between N95, Surgical, and Face masks. But first, let's understand why you need a mask for healthy living?

Why Should You Wear a Mask? 

There is no vaccine in the market for COVID-19; currently, the best way to stay at bay from the lethal virus is the precaution. A face mask covers the mouth and nose.  It blocks the infected droplets' release into the air and protects us from flu, virus, dust, and airborne pandemics. It works as a safety shield for all the front line warriors to fight with corona and save people's lives. 

What are the Different Types of Face Masks?

When authorities noticed the scarcity of face masks at the beginning of the pandemic, they concluded that N95 is not compulsory for all. People who are going out need to cover their mouths for their health safety. The COVID-19 prevention masks are of three types. Let's explore the details about each of them:

  • N95 respirator
  • Surgical mask
  • Homemade cloth face mask

N95 respirator: It is a type of mask that can filter out at least 95% of minute particles, including the coronavirus infected droplets. It is the reason why it is called the N95 mask.  Understand its features:

  • Electrostatic nonwoven polypropylene fiber used to make these masks 
  • Give more protection than other masks because it can filter out large and small particles when the wearer inhales and releases unfiltered air when the wearer exhales. 
  • Elastic bands on the respirator firmly hold the face to give the right fitting and coverage. 
  • Useful for medical staff, especially for frontline warriors like doctors, nurses, medical staff, cleaners, sweepers, etc. 
  • U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has approved the N95 respirator.
  • It is relatively expensive but reusable
  • Unfiltered air releases increase the chances of spreading the virus.  

Surgical Masks: Surgical mask is also known as a medical mask. You must have often seen doctors, nurses, and medical staff wear them in the hospital for their health safety. During the COVID-19 outbreak, these masks are suitable to curtail the spread of the virus and help people in healthy living. Understand its features in details:

  • It is a loose-fitting mask made up of nonwoven fabric with an elastic band and nose strip.
  • A surgical mask filters out large particles in the air and reduces the chances of getting into contact with the virus.
  • It is a disposable mask that throws in the covered bin after use
  • It is relatively cheaper than the N95 respirator
  • People who are not in direct touch with COVID-19 positive patients can use it.

Home Made Mask: The Health Ministry made it clear that people can wear a homemade or simple cloth face mask. Simple cotton fabric and elastic are used to make these masks. You must have seen many designer masks as well these days. Read its features below:

  • Homemade masks are washable. You can wash them with detergent and disinfectant in lukewarm water. They are reusable after wash.
  • While removing, be extra careful; do not touch your eyes, nose, and mouth. 
  • Comparatively cheaper than surgical and N95 respirators
  • Cloth face masks can be made at home with clean fabric and have an unlimited supply.
  • Such masks reduce the risk of non-medical professionals and the common public getting infected. 
  • Protection consistency is lower than the other two.

So, the idea behind these masks is to cover the mouth, nose, and eyes when you are out of your home for health safety. The mask's choice depends on your profession, frequency of meeting the public, and how much money you can spend. Healthcare professionals should prefer the N95; if outgoing is less, you can go ahead with a homemade mask or commute to the office daily or going to places where social distancing is less than prefer a surgical mask.

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Other Effective Ways to Prevent Coronavirus

Where wearing a mask is one of the essential things that help you to prevent coronavirus, there are other effective ways as well:

  • Prefer social distancing 
  • Work from home and stay at home
  • Maintain at least three feet distance between you and anyone who is having coughing or sneezing.
  • Go for the test immediately, if you experience any symptoms of corona
  • Wash your hands for 30 seconds after every one hour
  • Use liquid handwash or medicated soap 
  • Clean and disinfect frequently-touched objects and surfaces in the home like a laptop, door handles, doorbell button, main entrance door, sofa, table, and utensils
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth again and again
  • Always cover during coughing or sneezing with a tissue and dispose of it in a covered garbage bin
  • Buy a comprehensive health insurance 


We at Care Health Insurance offer Corona Kavach Policy that makes you financially and mentally healthy to combat COVID-19. It covers hospitalization and treatment costs so you can focus on your recovery instead of hefty hospital bills. You can avail of a cashless treatment facility for coronavirus (subject to policy terms and conditions)if you admit to a network hospital. We also cover home care treatment expenses under this plan, depending on the severity and policy terms and conditions. 

Therefore, wearing a mask, boosting the immune system, taking preventive healthcare measures, and opting for the right health insurance help you to fight against this deadly virus. Stay informed, stay safe.

Disclaimer: The information given in this article is only for reference purposes. Underwriting of claims for COVID-19 is subject to policy terms and conditions.

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