6 Things You Can Suggest to Your Distant Loved Ones About Coronavirus


6 things you can suggest to your distant loved ones about coronavirus

We often look for a chance to be at home and spend quality time with family, friends, and relatives. During the weekend we either invite our distance family members to get together or we visit their places. But, the COVID-19 outbreak has left us with no choice rather, to get lockdown in our respective homes.

Many of you must be communicating with your distant relatives or family members through video calls, or chats. So, why don’t you make it a good chance to suggest few important things that they can also do during self-quarantine? Let’s begin:

1. No Need to Panic

The very first thing you should tell them is no need to get panic from coronavirus. Of course, it’s a lethal disease however, they can prevent it. They should only believe in the news given by authorized sources. They should not trust on rumours nor spread it. They can read more stuff about the virus, how it spread, and preventions they can take.

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2. Hygiene Practice

The next important thing you should ask them whether they are following the right hygiene practice at home. You should tell them that this is the only way to prevent infection. They should use liquid hand wash or soaps to wash hands, especially when they are about to cook or eat. Avoid touching their faces, eyes, and mouth again and again. They should use sanitizer if they touch any object outside the home, and eve should sanitize all the possible things that they buy from the store.

3. Boost Immunity

Ask about their diet, what they are eating at home. If, you got a diet chart from your family doctor, then share it with them also. Tell them that they should take freshly made food, fruits, and vegetables along with seeds, berries, milk, etc. that help them to boost their immunity. Suggest that their strong immunity helps them to fight against any infection.

4. Follow Lockdown Protocol

Request them to follow the lockdown protocol. They should neither invite anybody to their places nor should they go to anybody’s place. However, they can buy daily essentials like groceries, milk products, fruits, and vegetables from authorized Kirana shops or stores. For medical emergencies also they can go to the hospital or can buy medicines from medical stores. But, rest of the time they should stay at home during corona breakdown.

5. Maintain Social Distancing

Make them understand the importance of social distancing and why the government has pleaded for it. It is one of the effective ways to curtail the coronavirus community spread that can be very harmful to all the citizens. If they have to go to stores or medical shops, then they should stand or maintain at least 3 feet distance from other people. Ask them not to attend any party, wedding, or religious ceremony during this period.

6. Opt for Health Insurance

A medical emergency can knock any door so it’s better to stay protected. Suggest them to buy a comprehensive family health insurance plan that acts as their saviour during this tough time. They can look for customized health insurance policies like ‘Care’ offered by Care Health Insurance (Formerly Religare Health Insurance). This plan covers the maximum amount of medical expenses such as pre and post hospitalization and treatment. So, they can focus on their recovery without worrying about their finances.

You must be praying for your loved ones’ wellbeing every day. So, you must tell them what they can do during lockdown to keep themselves protected. From the lockdown rules to buy health insurance, all will be helpful for them to get rid out of the corona crisis.