5 Most Common Questions before Entering Into the Canadian Border


5 Most Common Questions before Entering Into the Canadian Border

Tips For Crossing Canadian Border

Recorded with 18 million tourists every year, Canada has become the most happening tourist destination across the world due to its nature, winter sports, and cosmopolitan cities. Even the Canadian Government is using "Canada: Keep Exploring" as the new slogan to encourage more and more tourism. Canada is a dream destination, and you do not want to get into any immigrant issue when you are crossing the Canadian border. But, sometimes events occur that are out of your hands, and cause frustration. Therefore, it’s wise to be properly informed with the essential information before you step down fly.

Do I Need a Visa to Travel to Canada?

Yes, you need a visa if you are an Indian or foreign national of another country. However, if you are from countries like the US, Japan, Australia, Italy, Switzerland, France, or Germany, you do not require a visa to enter into the Canadian boundaries. So, check the Canadian visa process online and apply for it timely.

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How Long Can I Stay in any Canadian City?

Your stay in any Canadian city depends on the purpose of your visit, its duration, and your citizenship. Citizens from certain countries have to get their passport stamped that will indicate how long they can stay in Canada. However, you can stay in Canada for up to 6 months. But, if you want to go to Canada for work purposes, then you have to get work-visa, for study purpose- study visa or a temporary resident visa.

Can I Carry Firearms?

Yes, you can carry firearms for your safety purpose. But, it should be licensed, and you have to fill the Non-Resident Firearm Declaration form online to inform the immigrant authorities about them. It is sort of a temporary license that is valid for up to 60 days. However, if you have Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL), then you only need to inform the airport authorities that you are carrying firearms with you.

Can My Pet Also Accompany Me?

Yes, you can also take your pet along with you to Canada with signed and dated certificates from the veterinarian. These certificates show that your pets (dogs and cats) have been vaccinated for rabies. However, if your pet is less than three months old, you do not require such certification.

Do I Opt for Canada Travel Insurance?

Any untoward incident can happen at any time. It’s better to stay protected with Canada travel insurance while heading towards it. However, it is not mandatory to buy travel insurance, but it’s advisable because it provides financial assistance during any unforeseen medical emergency. It also reimburses the expenses that you may incur due to flight delay and cancellation.

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You can consider comprehensive travel insurance for Canada offered by Care Travel Insurance, the most trustworthy travel insurance company. These plans are region-specific and cover your maximum travel risks, including medical and non-medical expenses. With such plans, you can enjoy your stay in Canada with peace of mind.


Various unforeseen incidents can create hindrance in your trip. The right information and sound international travel insurance help you to combat such events. Therefore, whenever you make a plan to fly to Canada for any purpose, gather the details about the visa process, immigration formalities, and overseas travel insurance so that you can start your journey peacefully.

Disclaimer: Please read the brochure and prospectus to know more about our comprehensive travel insurance plans cover as conditions may vary.




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