Top 5 Things You Should Know Before Flying to Canada


Top 5 Things You Should Know Before Flying to Canada

Important Things You Need to Know Before Travelling to Canada

From Manitoba Snow Maze- the world’s largest ice maze to Yukon Striker-the world’s deadliest roller coaster ride, Canada offers an amazing experience to travelers. Being the world’s most liveable country, Canada is also the glory of nature. It mesmerizes with the beauty of its snow-capped mountains, glaciers, lakes, and forests. Friendly Canadians, diverse cities, landscapes, and food welcome you to enjoy this multicultural land. It is a huge country far beyond its hulking mountains. So, if you are a new flyer to Canada, then you should know these top five things before flying to enjoy every bit of your stay.

1.Places to Visit

Canada is a huge country, so prepare your travel itinerary with the places you want to explore during your trip. Cities like Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, and Lake Louise are equally fascinating. Stanley Park, Banff National Park, CN Tower, Moraine Lake, and the Butchart Gardens make it worth to visit this country. So, you should take note of the places you want to go with their travel distance and mode of transportation.

2.Things to Do in Canada

What to do in Canada? Believe us, this list going to be endless. But, some of the most interesting things you can do in Canada are beaching, skiing, canoeing, island stay, cliff walk, and also can watch blue whales. Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto are the cosmopolitan cities in Canada that offer class restaurants, luxurious hotels, shopping, and pubs.

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3.Estimated Travel Cost

You should know your estimated travel costs before you fly to Canada to avoid overspending in a foreign country. Listed the places where you have to pay entry fees and where you can enjoy for free. Check the fares for flights and hotel tariffs and do your bookings accordingly. Fix your shopping budget and buy the things that can be the momentum of your trip.

4.Different Moods of Weather

Weather in Canada has different moods that surprise you a lot. It can be a thunderstorm, -20 to -30 degrees Celsius freezing temperature, moderate weather, sunshine at different places. So it’s advisable to know the upcoming mood of the weather of the places that are top in your travel list. You should also pack your bags according to the weather. 

5.Canada Travel Insurance

If you are Indian or foreign national from another country, you have to opt for travel insurance before you fly for Canada. Emergency hospitalization and treatment can drain your money. Freezing weather, change in drinking water, and food can cause you infection, food poisoning, or nausea. Even you can meet with an accident or any injury due to unavoidable situation, additionally, your trip can be delayed or chances of losing your luggage are also high. So, considering both medical and non-medical emergencies you should opt for comprehensive Canada travel insurance. It covers your travel risk, provides you with financial assistance during an emergency, and makes you travel worry-free.


Therefore, flying to a foreign country is always a thrilling experience, but it can also surprise you. So, it’s good to stay protected and safe with proper planning, information, and travel insurance. Your travel insurance company bears your medical and non-medical emergency expenses. You can opt for travel insurance offered by Care Travel Insurance, the trustworthy travel insurance provider. Its plans cover your maximum travel risk and provide you financial support if you encounter any untoward event in the foreign land. So, gather all the information and keep travel insurance your top priority to start your gallivant to Canada.

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