Top 4 Features You Should Look for in a Travel Insurance Plan


Top 4 Features You Should Look for in a Travel Insurance Plan

Factors to Consider While Picking a Travel Insurance Plan

Often, there rises a question in everyone’s mind - whether or not travel insurance is necessary. A clear and apt answer to that would be ‘yes, it is’. Having your trips covered by travel insurance is something that you cannot overlook. You put in a lot of effort into planning a trip that helps in making it memorable. However, issues like loss of luggage, flight delays or cancellation or even falling sick while on your trip are some aspects that are out of your control. Here’s when your insurance cover will come as a saviour.

Since there are a lot of international travel insurance plans available in India, it becomes a little difficult to narrow down on a single plan. To help you select the best travel insurance plan for yourself, here are the top 4 features that you should look for in an international travel insurance plan: -

1.Cover for medical expenses in foreign destinations

Whether it is a holiday or a business trip, falling sick is not something that is ideal. What further adds to your concern are the hospital bills which can be much higher if you are in a foreign destination. But fret not as most travel insurance plans provide coverage for medical expenses. However, you have to see what the inclusions in the cover are. While some may provide comprehensive coverage for in-patient and out-patient medical expenses when you are abroad, some may offer cover for pre-existing ailments as well. So, check for a plan that is the best according to your requirements.

2.Cover for loss of check-in luggage

Imagine this - you bought back presents for your loved ones but at the airport, in the baggage claim, your luggage goes missing.

Like said before, losing your luggage at the airport is not something that is within your control. But even then, the loss is yours. This is where your travel insurance will come in handy. Make sure that your international trip insurance covers you for the loss of checked-in luggage.

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3.Flight cancellation or delay cover

Another feature that your international travel insurance policy must have is coverage in case of flight cancellation or delay. This issue, again, is not something that you can control. A flight can get cancelled or delayed due to many issues like a technical fault, unfavourable weather conditions, and so on. So, make sure that your trip insurance has got you covered.

4.Cover based on geographic location

Now, if you are on an international trip, the weather, the food, and a lot of other things are going to be different. There are a lot of insurance providers who offer location-based trip insurance covers. For example, if you are visiting one of the Schengen countries, you can opt for Schengen travel insurance or if you are visiting the US, you can select a USA Travel Insurance.

Other than these, some of the travel insurance plans also cover loss of valuable items, personal accidents, and so on. So, make sure to look out for these features when you are buying an international travel insurance plan for your trip. If you have additional features in the plan, then that’s even better!

Care Travel Insurance is a leading international travel insurance provider in India that offers a comprehensive range of international travel insurance plans which are country specific. Make your travel safer with us!

Disclaimer: Please read the brochure and prospectus to know more about our comprehensive travel insurance plans cover as conditions may vary.

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