How does 500% Cumulative Bonus Make Care Supreme the Best Health Insurance?


How does 500% Cumulative Bonus Make Care Supreme the Best Health Insurance?

Keeping in mind the changing needs of the customers and the evolving healthcare industry, Care Health Insurance introduced a comprehensive health insurance policy called Care Supreme. The plan has many innovative features that redefine the value a health insurance plan offers. The plan not only provides financial security but also provides access to the best treatment for the policyholders. It aims to give maximum benefits to the policyholder and fulfil all the requirements of the insured. One such benefit that makes the plan remain stand out is cumulative bonus. Let us explore the unique features of the plan along with 500% cumulative bonus. 

Highlights of Care Supreme Plan

Care Supreme is a complete health insurance plan that offers unique and extensive benefits. The plan provides expanded coverage at an affordable premium. Following are the key highlights of the plan.

  • You can get up to a 500% increase in the sum insured with the Cumulative Bonus Super optional cover offered by Care Supreme and a total of 600% increase  in the Sum Insured.
  • There are no sub-limits for hospitalisation, AYUSH treatments, modern treatments, domiciliary hospitalisation and organ donor expenses.
  • Policyholders can avail of unlimited automatic recharge for continued coverage .
  • There is a 30% discount available on policy renewal .
  • There are special discounts on diagnostics, pharmacy, and online consultation with Discount Connect. 
  • Policyholders also get access to unlimited e-consultations with General Practitioner.

How does Cumulative Bonus Clause under Care Supreme Work?

Cumulative bonus is a benefit offered by most of the health insurers to their policyholders for not claiming insurance in a policy tenure. The offer is usually available as an increase in the current sum insured or discount on the premium to be paid next year. Care Health Insurance under its Care Supreme plan also offers cumulative bonus up to 50% per year, maximum up to 100%. 

However, what steals our attention is Care Supreme’s 500% Cumulative Bonus Super benefit, which is an optional cover. It works as an extension to the basic cover where you can claim 100% flat in your sum insured, maximum up to 500%. This is the only plan in the market with this higher amount of cumulative bonus.  The most amazing feature is that in the event of a claim the accrued bonus remains intact or no deduction in bonus is applied. However, the accrued cumulative bonus super can only be utilised for the benefit under the category ‘Hospitalisation Expenses’ and Road Ambulance Cover’. 

*For terms and conditions, kindly refer to the policy document.

Care Supreme Health Plan Details

The table below explains policy terms.

Sum Insured (₹) 5L/ 7L/ 10L/ 15L/ 25L/ 50L/ 1Cr
Entry Age Adult - 18 years to 99 years, Child - 90 days to 24 years
Policy Term 1, 2 or 3 years
1, 2 or 3 years Individual - Maximum 6 individuals, Floater - 2A2C
Relations Covered Self, spouse/partner, son, daughter, parents, parents-in-law, grandparents
Waiting Period Initial waiting period - 30 days Specified ailments waiting period - 24 months Pre-existing disease waiting period - 48 months

Care Supreme Health Plan Coverage

Following are the benefits you get under the Care Supreme health insurance policy.

Hospitalisation Expenses

Hospitalisation expenses include inpatient care covered up to the sum insured, for a minimum of 24 hours of hospitalisation. It also includes all the daycare procedures which require less than 24 hours of hospitalisation. 

Advanced Technology Treatments

Expenses for modern treatments using advanced technology are also covered up to the sum insured. The list of treatments covered is specified in the policy document.

Pre and Post-hospitalisation

Pre and post-hospitalisation expenses are also covered up to the sum insured. Coverage is provided for 60 days before hospitalisation and 180 days after discharge from the hospital.

AYUSH treatments

Inpatient care at a government-recognized AYUSH healthcare facility is covered up to the sum insured for alternative treatments taken under Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy disciplines.

Domiciliary Hospitalisation

When hospitalisation is not possible, treatment at home is covered up to the sum insured, if it is required for a minimum of 3 consecutive days. Under this benefit, pre and post-hospitalisation benefits are also applicable. However, there are certain diseases for which domiciliary hospitalisation is not covered. Please refer to the policy document for the list of excluded diseases.

Organ Donor Expenses

When the insured is undergoing an organ transplant, expenses incurred towards the organ donor are also covered up to the sum insured.

Road Ambulance Cover

Ambulance expenses are covered up to ₹ 10,000 for sum insured less than ₹ 15L and up to sum insured for sum insured of ₹ 15L and above.

Cumulative Bonus

The sum insured is increased by 50%  every year maximum of up to 100% of the sum insured provided the policy is renewed without any break.

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Unlimited Automatic Recharge

When the sum insured is exhausted in a policy year the sum insured is reinstated and can be utilised for the same illness or any unrelated illness also.

Optional Covers

The following optional covers are available under the Care Supreme plan which can be opted at the time of purchase or renewal of the policy.

  • Cumulative Bonus Super is available up to 100% of the sum insured, maximum up to 500% of the sum insured. In case of a claim, the sum insured is not reduced.
  • Annual Health Check-up are available once per policy year for every insured member.
  • Air ambulance expense is covered up to ₹ 5 L.
  • Wellness benefits such as access to digital and AI fitness coaching and access to wellness coaches.
  • Instant cover provides instant coverage for hypertension/diabetes/hyperlipidemia/asthma after the initial waiting period of 30 days.
  • Claim shield offers coverage for  68 non-payable items during hospitalisation.
  • Modification of PED waiting period to 1, 2 or 3 years as opted by the policyholder.
  • Care OPD  covers 4 general physician consultations and 4 specialist consultations out of the list of 14 specialists specified by the insurer. The coverage is up to ₹ 500 for each consultation.

*Kindly refer to the policy document for complete list of optional covers

Care Supreme Health Plan Exclusions

The Care Supreme Plan does not provide any coverage for the following;

  • Self-inflicted injury or any attempt at suicide
  • Treatment for drug or substance abuse
  • Dental treatments that do not require hospitalisation, charges for contact lenses or spectacles
  • Pregnancy, childbirth, abortion, miscarriage
  • Congenital diseases
  • Infertility treatments
  • Cosmetic surgeries
  • Activities involving breach of law

*Kindly refer to the policy document for complete list of exclusions


Care Supreme policy provides comprehensive health insurance coverage at a reasonable rate compared to other plans in the market. The plan offers many sum insured options and a range of optional covers that help you customise the coverage to meet your requirements. The plan has removed sub-limits on treatments and other medical expenses. Above all, the 500% Cumulative Bonus Super option makes the plan one of the better options available in the market. For more details on the plan visit our website or let our experts connect with you.

Disclaimers: The above information is for reference purposes only: Policy Assurance and Claims at the underwriter’s discretion.

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