Travel Insurance Claim - How to Avoid Rejection?


Travel Insurance Claim - How to Avoid Rejection?

Tips to Avoid Travel Insurance Claim Rejection

Overseas travel insurance is undoubted, a boon for travelers. When you travel abroad, you have no clue about the medical treatments or losses that you may occur during your journey. Your travel insurance comes to your aid at the time of the emergency, and the first thing you need is a hassle-free claim settlement. But, under certain circumstances, it may possible that the insurance company may reject your travel insurance claim. Read the below tips to avoid travel insurance claim rejection.

Right Travel Insurance Cover

You should buy the right travel insurance plan that covers all your travel risks. Suppose, if you are planning to visit the USA, then you should buy travel insurance for the USA that is accepted by the respective regulatory authorities. Schengen travel insurance or travel insurance Dubai would not help you much in the USA. That’s why it’s always advisable to buy region-specific international travel insurance that provides you the coverage according to the travel policies of the specific countries. If you are holding Schengen travel insurance and asking for the claim in the USA it will get automatically rejected.

Read the Exclusions List

According to IRDA, every travel insurance company has to furnish the list of its exclusions to its customers. You should go through the exclusions list, read the situations, and cases that will not be covered by the insurance company. Suppose sports injury is in the exclusion list of the insurer, and you get injured during sports activities in the USA, then you are not entitled to claim against your policy. So it’s better to understand the limits of the policy and then claim accordingly.

Furnish all the Bills

Make sure that you should furnish all your diagnosis, treatments, and medicines bills. If you misplace the bills, then claim managmenet team has the full right to decline your request for reimbursement. You should keep the records of all the bills, along with the duplicate copies to present them whenever required.

Right Information about Pre-existing Disease

It's always advisable not to hide any information about your pre-existing disease. If during scrutiny, it detects, then your claim could be rejected. Care offers pre-existing travel insurance cover that you can buy to get your claim easily.

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Report Immediately

It's always crucial to report immediately or timely (within 24 hours)to customer support team about your accident, sickness, theft, or loss. You should get a written medical report in case of any medical emergency and a police complaint in case of any non-medical emergency. These are the important documents that you need to submit while filing a claim without the chance of rejection.

Visit to Pre-Approved Clinics

Every travel insurance company provides the list of pre-approved clinics in the USA to its customers that they can visit at the time of emergency. So, you should visit these hospitals to avail of emergency hospitalization. You should also contact customer support team if you face any difficulty. But, if you get admitted to any non-listed clinics, your insurance claim may be rejected.


Holidays mean fun and adventure, but sometimes it doesn’t go as the way we planned. Your travel insurance can save you from blunders. Online travel insurance even made things easier for you. You can get the claim in a few clicks. But, you should wise enough to understand that insurance companies have a strict window of claiming against the policy. You should follow these tips to get your claim settlement without rejection. Check region-specific travel insurance plans offered by Care Health Insurance online with toll-free numbers, where you can contact and ask for immediate assistance. You will get the guidance that will help you to claim your travel insurance smoothly.

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and underwriting of claims may vary. Please refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, terms and conditions carefully.

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