Top Asian Countries You Should Include in Your Travel List 2021


Top Asian Countries You Should Include in Your Travel List 2021

Thinking for the next travel bucket list to visit in 2021 is a pretty broad starting point after the corona pandemic. So, why don't you give it a start with neighboring Asian countries? Asia, the biggest continent of the world, is home to a diverse culture, history, people, places, etc. which provides you with tremendous experience and thrill. Therefore, here is a low-down on the best places to visit in Asian countries that you should include in your travel list for next year. Let's start:


With insanely diverse landscapes, crystal clear beaches, cultural heritages, Vietnam is the most beautiful Southeast Asian country located in the South Vietnam Sea. It is a nature paradise that invites travelers to explore its beauty. The paddy fields, sacred pagodas, limestone islands, old caves, and steep mountains add more fun to your trip. So, you can consider it and add it to your list. Start browsing travel packages and opt for international travel insurance online for a safe journey.

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Sri Lanka

It is easy to get a Srilankan visa. However, post-COVID-19, there may be some changes in travel regulations. But, it is one of the most magnificent neighboring countries that you can explore. Ramayana yatra, Buddhist places, islands, wellness spas, water sports, and tea plantations are the major tourist attractions in Sri Lanka. Foremost, it won't burden your pocket much. But, the healthcare facility in Asian countries is expensive and derail your travel budget too. So, it's advisable to buy foreign travel insurance online to enjoy your trip worry-free. 


Bali, the Island of Gods, has multiple tourist attractions quench your wanderlust. Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida, and Nusa Ceningan are the most famous island destinations in Bali. The picturesque views with charming natural beauty, lively markets, and clean beaches work like a magnet attracting tourists across the globe. So, please don't give it a miss. Plan now to set off for the adventure of a lifetime to Bali.


Bhutan is the 8th happiest country globally, with a lower crime rate and enticing views of nature. It is an East Asian Buddhist country with mesmerizing landscapes, steep mountains, dense forests, and sacred monasteries. Therefore, visiting Bhutan next year can be a fantastic experience.  


Malaysia is a potpourri of Indian, Chinese, and Malay culture that delights you every minute. It is a Southern Asian country famous for idyllic islands, blue water beaches, authentic cuisine, national parks, and water sports. Whether you are getting married next year or want to do chill with family and friends after the corona lockdown, you can choose Malaysia for your next 2021 trip.


Nepal is the roof of the world and the birthplace of Gautama Buddha. It is home to the world's highest peak- Mount Everest and a pilgrimage for Hindus, Nepalese, and Buddhists. It shares its border with India, and the great thing is that Indians can visit Nepal without a visa. However, it is always advisable to buy travel insurance online. 


Scattered across the Indian Ocean, Maldives is the next on the list. From whale shark tour, dolphin watching to splendid beaches and luxurious resorts. What all you want from a trip? If you wish to have a signature experience right after this corona outbreak, go to the Maldives in 2021. It is the amalgamation of nature, adventure, and thrill. 

So, you should plan your upcoming trips in 2021 right from today. These Asian countries are outstanding and give you ever-lasting experience without overburden your pocket. However, foreign travel sometimes can end with chaos that causes dent not only on your trip but also on your finance. Therefore, it is always good to fly secured with overseas travel insurance. Let's get into some more essential details.

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What is International Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is strongly recommended to all the people who plan to visit any of the above Asian countries in 2021.  We, at Care Travel Insurance, offers comprehensive overseas travel insurance online. We cover maximum travel risks up to the sum insured against the premium policyholder's pay as per the foreign travel insurance plans. We indemnify medical and non-medical expenses that you may incur during your journey to the other country. It keeps you secure throughout your journey and help you to enjoy every bit of the moment in the foreign land. 

However, foreign travel insurance is not mandatory to visit the above Asian countries, yet it advisable to buy it for a safe and happy journey. 

What is the Need for Overseas Travel Insurance?

People living in metro cities tend to travel abroad more frequently for various purposes. Therefore, traveling abroad may surprise you at any time. All you need to travel safe and secure with foreign travel insurance. Read below why it is a necessity, not an option:

  • Healthcare in foreign countries is costly
  • Medical emergencies due to weather change, jet lag, food, water, etc.
  • Non-medical risks such as loss or theft of personal belongings or essential documents
  • Trip cancellation due to several reasons
  • Personal emergency in the home country
  • Personal accidents in foreign countries
  • Accidental damage or injury caused by you

What are the Benefits of Overseas Travel Insurance?

Our travel insurance plans give you extra protection if your holiday doesn't go as planned. So, here are some significant benefits that Care Travel Insurance Policy offers:

  • Coverage for medical expenses in a foreign country
  • Immediate cashless treatment facility 
  • Medical evacuation during emergencies
  • Coverage for urgent anesthetic dental treatment 
  • Compensation for trip delay/cancelation
  • Reimbursement for loss or delay of checked-in baggage
  • Bear personal liability outside the country
  • Assistance in case of loss of passport and other travel documents
  • Mandatory to obtain a visa for some countries
  • Maximum Coverage for medical and non- medical travel risk
  • Repatriation to home country
  • Coverage for compassionate visit
  • Quick claim settlement
  • Region-specific policies with global acceptance
  • Several options at an affordable premium 
  • Peace of mind 

How to Buy Right International Travel Insurance Policy Online?

Choosing the right travel insurance can be a daunting task due to a plethora of options. So, here you can read quick tips to pick the best plan.

Purpose of  Travel – You should buy travel insurance online according to your travel purpose, whether single or multiple trips, individual, family, honeymoon, or study trip. Because different travel insurance policies like we have come with various features and benefits, and the premium may also vary. So you have to opt for it accordingly.

Policy Coverage - Pick the overseas travel insurance policy that offers you maximum Coverage against medical and non-medical travel risk. You can read about the policy's inclusions on our official websites and choose the apt for your traveling plan.

Amount of Premium – You can get the quote in minutes about our different travel insurance policies. It will help you compare the premium and choose the most affordable travel insurance that meets right with your travel budget. 

Check Exclusions – Before finalizing foreign travel insurance, you should also read the exclusions. There are procedures, medical treatments, conditions that are not admissible under the policy coverage.  

How to Claim Under International Travel Insurance?

The most important thing you look for during any emergency happens in a foreign country is the timely claim settlement. You can avail of claim settlement under the travel insurance in two ways:

In the cashless settlement, you can admit to the listed network hospital in the respective country. Also, you have to inform our customer support team within the stipulated time about your hospitalization. We will directly settle your hospital bills (subject to terms & conditions). You do not need to arrange cash for your treatment during a medical emergency.

In case of reimbursement, you can admit to any hospital in case of an emergency and pay the bills. You can file for a refund later within the stipulated time; we will repay you the amount you spent on hospital bills subject to policy terms & conditions.

However, you should take the utmost care while filing for claim settlement under international travel insurance. You have to submit all the original documents such as hospital bills, diagnosis reports, doctor's prescriptions, discharge summary, etc. to the claim management team.

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So, after a long pandemic outbreak, you can plan your holidays for 2021. However, you cannot deny the havoc coronavirus created in the last few months.  But, with more precautions, care, and overseas travel insurance, you can plan to explore the unexplored the beauty of Asia. 

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and underwriting of claims are subject to policy terms and conditions. Please refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

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