How You Can Plan New International Travel Itinerary Post Pandemic


How You Can Plan New International Travel Itinerary Post Pandemic

The whole world is returning to track after the COVID-19 outbreak slowly. Indians are known for their spontaneous nature and always find ways to overcome grief, and international travel is the best way. But, the majority of us believe in eleventh-hour planning. However, if you are also planning to end this lockdown boredom and want to enjoy your upcoming holidays in a foreign country, know how you can prepare your travel itinerary:

Prefer Less Affected Countries

The first thing you should do to have safe holidays is to search for the less affected countries. You can pick some beautiful Asian countries that give you a chance to explore their unexplored beauty.

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Check the Latest Statics

Choose some nearby countries and check their latest statics related to COVID-19. You should get the list of containment zones if they have any; people affected, recovered, or casualties in the countries. Also, check what places are open to the public and how many active cases are there. Compare the data and finalize your next travel destination accordingly.

Follow Travel Advisory

During the pandemic, almost every country has changed its travel rules and regulations. You should visit their official websites and get the latest travel advisory. Check what sorts of tests and vaccination you required before traveling to your selected countries. Compare the regulations and prefer the country that gives you more safety and fewer travel complications.

Pre Bookings

Once you have decided on your destination, make your travel bookings, including flights, accommodation, cab, etc. These days you can get reasonable tour packages. You can check on different tours and travel websites and pick the one that gives your pocket ease.  It makes you relax and also avoid last-minute chaos. 

Check the Safety Measures

You should also inquire from customer care executives about the safety measures in flights and hotels.  Ask them the mandatory things or documents you need to carry to ensure your safety and security. Also, check the precautions and safety measures the authorities have taken at the tourist places in the country. 

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Follow Protocols

When you are all set to fly, you should follow the new protocols. Reach the airport on time. Carry your sanitizing kit, PPE kit, face mask, eye protection shield, etc. Also, follow the travel protocols of the country where you are going to land.

Opt for Overseas Travel Insurance

Never forget to opt for international travel insurance. Traveling is exciting, but it can come with unpleasant surprises as well. So, you should be ready to face any untoward event during your holidays. Under the foreign travel insurance policy, you will get coverage for medical and non-medical risks. Read below how travel insurance is helpful in your journey abroad. 

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How does Overseas Travel Insurance Help?

It acts as your savior during an emergency on foreign land. At Care Travel Insurance, we offer a comprehensive region-specific international travel insurance policy. Listed below are its significant benefits:

  • Coverage for Loss of Checked-in Baggage
  • Coverage for Delay in Checked-in Baggage
  • Reimbursement for Loss of laptop/Tablet
  • Reimbursement for Breakage or Theft
  • Cashless Hospitalization
  • In-Patient and Out-Patient Treatment
  • Cover for Air Ambulance/ Medical Evacuation
  • Daily Allowance for Hospitalization
  • Coverage for Personal Accident/Liability
  • Coverage for Surgical Dental Treatment
  • Treatment for Mental and Nervous Disorders 
  • Treatment for Alcoholism and Drug dependency
  • Reimbursement for Trip Delay or Cancellation
  • Assistance in obtaining a copy of lost passport, international driving license, or other essential documents
  • Compensation for Study interruption, Terrorists Attack
  • Bail Bond
  • Coverage for Accidental Death/ Compassionate Visit
  • Up-gradation to Business Class
  • Lifelong Renewability
  • 24X7 Customer Support

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Safety Tips for Travelling Abroad Post Pandemic

International travel after lockdown has many challenges. However, with the firm planning and new travel advisory, you can go ahead next year. But at the same time, you should also follow the below essential safety tips to ensure your safe stay and happy holidays in the foreign country:

  • Keep your sanitizing kit along with a surgical mask, disinfectant, spray sanitizer, gloves, and face shield handy
  • Wear a mask or PPE kit as per the airline's protocol and use sanitizer if you touch any surface or objects
  • Carry sunglasses or anti-glare to protect your eyes from infection, dust, and UV rays
  • Keep your regular medicines if you are allergic or have some pre-existing diseases
  • Sanitize all your luggage properly before you open it to reduce the spread of the virus
  • Say "namstey" instead of a handshake to keep at bay from the virus
  • Check the occupancy in the hotel and make sure you do not stay in the over-crowded accommodation
  • Prefer digital payments and avoid exchanging cash 
  • Keep wearing mask and gloves and prefer touchless transactions
  • Give your id proofs, visas, passport copies at the hotel reception via email
  • Eat freshly made or properly cooked food
  • Avoid non-vegetarian food while traveling
  • Coronavirus is not the only reason to fall sick- stomach infection, allergies, temperature, jetlag, food, accidental injuries can also create problems.  Do not panic if you have a fever, nausea, pain, or stomach upset.
  • Go for teleconsultation with your doctor and do rest

Over to You!

Therefore, whether it is life, future, or traveling, planning is always useful. It gives you a forecast about opportunities and challenges that you may face ahead. So, you can stay prepared to combat any tough situation. Similarly, from safety tips to international travel insurance when it comes to holidays, meetings, or studies abroad, you should consider all.  Hence, you should plan your travel itinerary in a way to ensure that your journey becomes a lifetime memory.  

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and underwriting of claims are subject to policy terms and conditions. Please refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

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