Top 5 Tourists Attractions in Canada that You Should Not Miss


Top 5 Tourists Attractions in Canada that You Should Not Miss

Bestowed with immense beauty, Canada, the second-largest country in the world, has exceptionally rich offerings for tourists. It is a vast country, renowned as a year-round tourist destination. It offers you room to unplug and rejuvenate your body and mind.

Whether, you are looking for rocking city life, fascinating cultural events, fine dining, or incredible nature, Canada never short of options. It is the most culturally and ethnically diverse country that gives you options for adventurous outdoor experience as well.

Though, all the options can be overwhelming for you when you are heading to Canada. Therefore, we have listed these top five tourist attractions that should not a miss from your Canada travel itinerary. Take a look!

1.Niagara Falls

It is a true natural wonder that makes you the witness of the power of nature. The jaw-dropping beauty of Niagara Falls with thundering roars of water and glittering rainbows attracts you so much. You can also enjoy wet and wild water rides through Niagara Gorge on a Boat. You can also stay in a nearby hotel and take a glimpse of a luminous rainbow-colored display at night. If you want to know how the falls generate the power, then you can take the help of those free interactive exhibits at the Niagara Power Vista.

It is one of nature’s wonder that you cannot afford to miss.

2.Nahanni National Park Reserve

The alpine tundra, green forests, and hot springs of Nahanni National Park Reserve will blow your mind. Home to various species of wild animals, birds, fish, and mammals, it is surrounded by South Nahanni River. Recognized as the UNESCO’s World Heritage, it protects a major portion of the Mackenzie Mountains Natural Region.

You can do canoe camping, mountain climbing, fishing, hiking, kayaking, photography, and a lot more fun stuff in Nahanni National Park that offers you wilderness experience.

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3.Moraine Lake

Renowned as one of the most photographed locations in Canada, Moraine Lake is captivating. The best feature of this lake is it has a distinct color that is a result of the refraction of light. It gets blue in June and July. It is nestled in the Valley of the Ten Peaks.

While enjoying the magnificent beautiful scenery of this lake, you can do canoe, skiing, hiking, and photography.

4.Athabasca Glacier

Located between Canada’s Banff and Jasper National Parks, Athabasca Glacier is fascinating. The clouds and incessant rain add more charm to its beauty. Amongst the six glaciers of the Columbia Ice field, it is the largest and the most accessible glacier. You can do glacier walking, ice walking, sightseeing, and photography to add fun to your Athabasca day trip.

5.Pacific Rim National Park

With natural rainforests and a long beach, Pacific Rim National Park is an eye-catching place in Vancouver. It offers a lot to campers, sunbathers, and history enthusiasts. The picturesque landscape of Pacific Rim National Park has waterfalls, vivacious rocks, and snowy mountains with green landscape.

Cable cars, boats, and kayak help you to explore the beauty of this stunning park.


Canada is the country that favored by nature with its majestic landscapes, ocean, lakes, scenic parks, snow ski, and lot more. Above are some highlights of Canada that you must visit. But other than making Canada travel itinerary, you should also buy travel insurance for Canada to make your trip pleasurable and worry-free.

It covers your maximum travel risks and offers several benefits that give you financial security when you are on foreign land. You can check comprehensive international travel insurance offered by Care Travel Insurance. These are region-specific travel insurance with worldwide acceptance. It bears your expenses for a medical and non-medical emergency that may occur during your trip.

So, stay safe, travel safe and make the memories for the lifetime.

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