5 Tips to Make Your Next International Trip the Best for Your Elderly Parents


5 Tips to Make Your Next International Trip the Best for Your Elderly Parents

Dear Globetrotters! 

We understand your agitation at failing to take that most awaited trip with your friends. The last-minute cancellation must have made you swear not to make a plan with the group again. 

While you are disheartened, why not make a travel plan with your oldest friends? 

Any Guess?

Yes, we’re addressing your parents only. Why not go on a trip with your parents?

Is their pre-existing medical condition stopping you from taking the decision? Don’t think twice! Well, international travel insurance for senior citizens can come to your rescue. Also, a few precautionary measures can go long run in making the trip worth remembering. Here you go!  

5 Tips to Make this Trip the Best Trip for Your Elderly Parents

While Care Health Insurance can help you get the best travel insurance for senior citizens, here are five tips that you should follow for a comfortable trip with your parent and their pre-existing disease: 

Choose Travel Time and Travel Duration Thoughtfully

If your parents are suffering from illnesses such as arthritis or other mobility issues, you must be thoughtful while deciding the time, duration, and season of your trip. Let’s say your parents may be uncomfortable and in pain, if you choose to take an overnight flight during the winter. Hence, before planning the complete journey, sit down and analyse the medical condition of your parents.

Keep the Medical Aid Handy 

Suppose your parents are diagnosed with a chronic ailment such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism, or hypertension. In that case, it is always the wisest choice to carry medical aid such as a glucometer, blood pressure monitor, and the prescribed medicines with you. Make sure the aids are easily accessible while you are in the air.

Motivate Your Parents to Stay Healthy

Whether on a trip or at home, always motivate your parents to lead a healthy lifestyle by eating nutritious diets and following a physically active lifestyle. Try and induce exercise and walking in the daily schedules of your elderly.

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Get all the Necessary Tests Done

Before leaving for the trip, ensure your elderly is safe and sound in all aspects. Take extra precautions when it comes to medical check-ups and other necessary advice from your doctor. Also, make your travel plans as per your doctor’s further advice only.

Never Skip a Travel Insurance Plan

Even after controlling everything, you would not want problems to knock on your doorstep, especially when you travel abroad with your parents with chronic diseases. Expenses that may come along with any emergency can be enough to spoil your trip if you do not play safe by taking a travel insurance plan. Hence, to ensure that the unforeseen medical emergency doesn’t spoil your plans, always buy a travel insurance plan beforehand. Once you decide where to buy a travel insurance plan for your parents, brief your insurer about the pre-existing diseases without fail. 

Summing It Up!

Whether the reason is the 9-5 job or residing in a different city, we hardly get time to spend with our parents. Change the fact this vacation season! Skip a trip with your friends and take your parents out on an overseas vacation. 

While you convince your parents to explore the world with you, don’t forget to take charge of their health! Make sure to buy a travel insurance plan with pre-existing medical ailment coverage so that you and your parents do not have to suffer a financial crisis abroad. The International travel insurance plan by Care health insurance gives you comprehensive coverage for a pre-existing illness pertaining to the terms and conditions. 

This time, skip all the loopholes! Plan a trip most comfortably and leave the healthcare and other worries to Care Health Insurance. 

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and claims underwriting are subject to policy terms and conditions. Kindly refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

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