Boarding Abroad Flight with Senior Citizen? Here are Things to Keep in Mind


Boarding Abroad Flight with Senior Citizen? Here are Things to Keep in Mind

There is no appropriate age for travelling around the world. You can travel whenever and wherever you want, regardless of your age or gender. However, specific questions arise when older parents travel to foreign countries. Is flying safe for them? What should you do if a medical emergency occurs during your flight? Can you accompany them all the way to the airport? The list goes on and on.

Before you second-guess your decision, read our travel tips for senior citizens to ensure a smooth flight.


It is critical to plan ahead of time if you are travelling abroad with your parents. A little research can be extremely beneficial to you. Check which airport you'll be flying to, as well as the airport's amenities when booking your ticket. Airlines are required by law to provide flight information to passengers with disabilities. 

Call the airline to obtain this information as well as any other information you require to make travel arrangements for your elderly companion. This information, for example, can assist you in selecting a seat with a movable armrest near an accessible restroom. Find out if you need to fill out any medical forms in order to bring certain medical equipment on the plane.

Travel Insurance is a must

Remember that senior citizen travel insurance is a must when travelling overseas with elderly parents. Having a travel insurance policy comes in handy when you're planning a trip overseas. Travel insurance is not only for your parents but for anyone travelling overseas to safeguard their safety. 

Also, during the current pandemic, It has become essential to travel with mandatory and safety in place. While many individuals still consider travel insurance to be a luxury, numerous nations, like the United States, the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, and the Schengen countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Poland, France, Germany, Greece, etc) have made it essential to get travel insurance when visiting. People can purchase travel insurance before flying or once they have arrived in the nation. While both approaches are viable, the first offer more inexpensive premium options.

Keep Medications handy

Medicines are often an important part of an elderly adult's daily life. Keeping your medications safe while travelling is a top priority. Use the following tips when flying-

  • Put your medicines in your suitcase and make sure they arrive at your destination.

  • Leave the medicine in the original packaging with a clear label.

  • Bring copies of prescriptions and medical bills for the elderly parent's medical condition.

  • Declare all medicines and medically necessary liquids before going through security checkpoints.

  • Label medically required liquids for expedited security procedures. Medicines, creams and medically required liquids are allowed in larger amounts. Also, there is no need to put the liquid in a ziplock bag. Keep in mind that if the liquid sounds like a security alarm, additional searches may be required.

Time planning 

People over the age of 65 may have difficulty travelling early in the morning or late in the evening. Weird flight schedules can just add to your anxiety. As a result, early morning or late afternoon flights are recommended, as they seem to work best.

Health issues evaluation 

Want to take your parents on a safe flight abroad? Here's a little tip for you. Verify that your parents are competent to handle long-haul foreign flights before you book a trip. Plan your vacation if they are in good health. Also, don't forget to keep an emergency medication kit with you. Make sure you discuss flight safety guidelines and measures with your doctor. Be sure to bring their medical certificate with you on your vacation and store it in your check-in bag in case of an emergency.

Selecting Non-stop flight 

If you are flying with an elderly person, direct flights are best. Direct flights not only reduce the total travel time but also eliminate the hassle of running through the airport to catch a connecting flight. You'll definitely have to pay more to get a direct flight, but honestly, it's worth the price.

Don’t miss on Discount 

Senior citizen discounts on airfare are not common these days. But even after checking for discount tickets, it's not a problem. If you are looking for a discount online, you may need to book your ticket directly with the airline and not on a third-party site.

Intervals between activities 

It's best to go slowly and allow plenty of time between events, because your elderly parents may become exhausted if you rush. When travelling with elderly people, remind yourself to take frequent naps. Families travelling with children are also advised to follow the same rules.

Following these basic flying guidelines will save you a lot of hassle and make your journey more enjoyable, whether you're travelling alone or with loved ones. Enjoy your flight in safety!

Disclaimer - Please note that we cover COVID-19 pandemic travel. Claims and coverage can vary as per the plan and country opted; please check the terms and conditions.

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