What is Global Coverage in Care Advantage?

What is Global Coverage in Care Advantage?

Picture this: You are feeling on top of the world because you made it to the Swiss Alps. However, the view, the gush of fresh wind, and the altitude fade when a sudden sickness hits you. You realise, your local medical insurance wouldn't cover you here. More than the worry about your well-being, the fear of medical bills in a foreign country bothers you more.  

This is where global medical insurance comes in. Your guardian angel, your global coverage, is one of the most important safety nets you would need while travelling abroad. The policy covers unexpected medical costs, thus ensuring that health concerns do not overshadow your adventure. 

What is Global Medical Insurance?

Global medical insurance is a type or a part of healthcare policy that offers financial protection against medical care received anywhere across the globe. While standard medical insurance plans remain restricted to certain treatments covered in a country, global health insurance coverage hardly has any such country restrictions. 

With global medical insurance, you can personalise your coverage area and duration, choose from a range of deductible options, and pay using a variety of payment methods. 

It offers comprehensive coverage for medical care across international borders. Irrespective of where you are situated, global medical insurance acts as your one-stop solution for health. It offers coverage against unforeseen circumstances, illnesses, hospital stays, and accidents. 

Get the Best Global Health Coverage with Care Advantage

Under the Care Advantage Health plan, you get the benefit of Care global health coverage. This comprehensive health insurance plan covers hospitals abroad as well. People who are on frequent foreign trips, who need to stay in a foreign country for a long, or someone seeking international medical treatment can invest in Care global coverage. A high sum insured of up to ₹6 crores gives the freedom of getting the best available treatment. Various countries are covered under the plan, including the USA (you may or may not include the USA). Anyone who is in need of planned hospitalisation can get the advantage of global coverage with the Care Advantage health plan. The features of Care global coverage are:

  • Global coverage under Care Advantage can be availed by purchasing the “Protect Plus” add-on cover.
  • Up to ₹1 crore sum insured under Care Classic Advantage, the global cover is optional. Opting it is optional.
  • For sum insured plans above ₹1 crore, that is, ₹2, ₹3, and ₹6 crores, the global coverage is inclusive.

Why is Global Health Insurance Coverage Important?

Seeking medical attention in a foreign country can be genuinely costly. Even though you may be able to pay a part of the treatment, the cost of medical care under serious illness or accident could deplete all of your funds. 

Furthermore, it could be challenging to find the best healthcare specialist to aid you while you are abroad. Moreover, the quality of healthcare varies from place to place and country to country. Getting access to a trusted and efficient medical facility has always been a challenge. 

Global health insurance coverage pays for the medical costs you may have incurred while travelling abroad. When you invest in global medical insurance, you get access to high-quality medical care. This is because of the network of hospitals that are connected to your insurance provider.

Global coverage helps you financially under unexpected circumstances. Here are a few more reasons why the insurance is important:

Wide Coverage

The policy will take care of the costs incurred in your hospital stay, including nursing fees, doctor visits, ICU fees, lodging, etc.

Advanced Healthcare

You don't need to worry about investing in advanced medical facilities while you are abroad. 

Peace of Mind

You attain the ultimate peace of mind. The policy covers routine check-ups, preventive care to emergency evacuations. 

Cashless Hospitalisation

You receive the best healthcare treatment without worrying about paying in cash. The advantage of cashless hospitalisation helps you manage the bills, as your insurer will pay the expenses directly to the hospital. 

Who Needs Global Health Insurance Coverage?

People visit other nations for several purposes. While some people travel abroad for higher education, some go for business engagements. Some people simply visit as tourists as well. 

Consequently, depending on the reason for the visit, the length of stay may also change. If you are someone who fits any of the categories discussed above or travels abroad frequently for different purposes, you need global medical insurance.

Even though you hope everything will work out well, a sudden illness or accident could derail the entire journey. Under such circumstances, a short stay in the hospital might put you under a great deal of financial burden due to the high cost of healthcare in other nations. 

Getting admitted would be the last thing you expect while on a trip to abroad. Considering this, getting global health insurance coverage is essential for everyone who travels abroad, including remote workers, digital nomads, expats, frequent travellers, and adventure seekers. 

Over to You

Sometimes, people have to seek medical treatment outside the country. Surgeries and other medical treatments in a foreign land can be quite expensive. Such planned treatments no longer have to wait as Care global coverage is there with you. 

Medical treatment in a foreign land is now at your fingertips with global health insurance coverage. Get the high sum insured with Care Global coverage, and do not compromise your international medical treatment anymore. This health insurance cover is beneficial for anyone having an international medical treatment plan. At an affordable premium and a range of benefits, you get coverage of the Care Global health plan.

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Disclaimers: All plan features, benefits, coverage, and claims underwriting are subject to policy terms and conditions. Kindly refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

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