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Tips to Choose Right Health Insurance for Respiratory Diseases


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You will be surprised to know that India ranks first in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and second in asthma globally. Approximately 93.5 Cr. people are suffering from COPD and asthma in India. Worse pollution levels, hazardous air quality, smog, vehicle, and factory smoke are increasing the cases of respiratory diseases. The right treatment, medication, diet, and regular doctor visits are required to manage such chronic diseases. These days where medical inflation is galloping, costs of medicines and treatment are skyrocketing here a health insurance policy helps a lot. You get a plethora of options when you are opting for a medical policy. Thus, choosing a comprehensive health insurance plan is crucial. Here you can read the tips to choose the right health insurance policy for respiratory diseases.

Look for Maximum Coverage

When you are browsing the health insurance providers, you should look to the plan that provides you maximum coverage. Ideally, sound health insurance includes pre and post hospitalization expenses, diagnosis expenses, treatment, and medication of chronic diseases. Organ donors, day-care treatment, dialysis cover, ambulance cover, and second opinion are other benefits that you get under the policy. So, check the coverage and choose the plan that offers you maximum benefits.

Premium Amount

Premium is the sum of money that you have to pay to the insurance company after specified intervals against the risk it covers. You can calculate the premium with the help of an online premium calculator available on the website and pick the plan that covers your maximum expenses and do not burden your pocket.

Check Exclusions

Before choosing a health insurance cover, it’s wise to check the exclusions list of the insurance company. Exclusions are the situations that an insurance company does not consider and reject your claim. See what all the conditions are when you cannot get the claim. Make sure that your plan should offer you complete coverage with minimal exclusions. 

Waiting Period

A waiting period is the specified time under which the policy is payable. It’s advisable to ask for a waiting period before buying a respiratory illness plan. Ideally, it is 30 days from the commencement of the policy period and for pre-exiting diseases is 4 years. Therefore, you should consider the policy with less waiting period.

Check Eligibility

Before you go ahead with a health insurance cover for respiratory illnesses, check the age criteria for eligibility. Some plans have specified age, and in some plans, 60 years is the maximum age. So, you should consider a plan that has maximum renewal age with lifelong coverage.

Over to You!

Choosing a wrong health insurance plan can result in claim rejection and derails your finances. Thus, you have to study every minute details of what your insurance plan is offering to you. Apart from that, you should also make sure that the premium is affordable and should not overburden your pocket. Check the health insurance plans offered by Care Health Insurance (Formerly Religare Health Insurance) that takes care of all your health care needs. The plans provide you complete protection and reimburse your maximum medical expenses. So, you do not need to worry about your treatment costs and can focus on your recovery from chronic respiratory diseases.


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