7 Reasons Why Studying in Canada is the Best Choice


7 Reasons Why Studying in Canada is the Best Choice

Gone are the days when studying abroad was a matter of fame. Earlier only those born with a silver spoon were supposed to get the luxury of studying abroad. Today, “If there is a will, there is a way” stands true for everyone, as aspirants with an average family income can now fulfil their dreams too, All thanks to the countries like Canada!

Canada as a Hub for International Students! 

Canada has gradually become one of the most prominent destinations for higher education over the past decade. One does not have to be affluential to fulfil their dreams as the universities such as the University of Toronto, the University of Alberta, the University of British Columbia, and several other universities in Canada have got their backs!

Through this article, we will discover seven reasons why International students choose to study in Canada.

Why Studying in Canada is Preferrable for International Students

No doubt, education across the world has certainly improved, but Canada, above all countries, has succeeded because of the following reasons:

Canadian Education Focuses on Academic Excellence

Unlike in India, education in Canada is a provincial responsibility. Hence, every provincial government ensures that they follow the best teaching practices to deliver education to all age groups of students. Institutions across the country strive to provide academic excellence to students.  

Canada's education system offers all sorts of programs in Canadian universities and colleges. Those who have completed their 12th or any equivalent qualification from India can simply choose to go for higher studies in Canada and pursue the dreams of their lives.

Education is More than Just Books

What we learn in books is very different from what life offers. We can only learn in actual terms through the challenges life throws at us. We all know this, but Canada's education system implies this fact through their cooperative work system 

Suppose you are a student pursuing healthcare practices at a Canadian University. You shall be allowed to work for a healthcare company during your studies. This will help you to face the practical difficulties in your learning phase. 

Co-op is a mandatory part of learning in the Canadian education system. It is a kind of internship program a student takes in all years of pursuing higher education. Suppose you enrol on a 4-year long program in an institute in Canada, they will provide a 4-month work program every year until you graduate. By the end of your graduation, you will have 16 months of experience! 

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Great Opportunities for Part-time Workers

Apart from the co-op system, the Canadian govt. allows students to work at most 20 hours per week to earn money. Isn’t it brownie points to the Indian students who wish to support their finances while studying abroad? 

Not just this, the system also allows you to apply for a three-year post-study work permit. 

Note: Please check out IRCC’s Website for more details.

Canada is Ground to Vast Cultural Diversity

Canada has been a  home to immigrants from across the world! The country and the Canadian nationals recognise this as their strength, thus, welcoming everyone’s culture with open arms. Throughout the year, the country celebrates various festivals from different cultures.  From easter to Halloween, from Diwali to eid, you name it, and the government will warmly celebrate it!

Canada is Quite Affordable

Compared to other countries from across the world, the tuition fee in Canada is quite affordable. For Indian students, higher studies in Canada are viable as the government provides various full-time and part-time work opportunities as well. 

If you are someone who wishes to pursue higher education overseas but is demotivated by the fees and expenses, Canada can be your true calling! 

The Country Provides a Peaceful Environment

According to the Global Peace Index, Canada has been ranked the 12th most peaceful country in the world. You would be glad to choose this country for higher studies as you will enjoy the same rights as any Canadian student in the country.

Canada is Open to Provide Immigration Opportunities

Canada provides immigration opportunities to students who wish to continue their stay in the country. As per the IRCC, Canada has provided immigration permits to as many as 492,984 non-residents of Canada. These data are increasing only as the country is warm enough to welcome various talents. 

Let’s Pack Your Bags

If you are willing to pursue higher education in Canada, then the right time is now! Well, well-informed and organised planning is what you require next. Having said that your Canada travel planning will be incomplete without travel insurance Canada. So, to cover yourself against unfortunate events abroad, you can choose our student travel insurance plan- ‘Care Explore’!

Once you get your student travel insurance plan and head towards a bright future in Canada we will promise to cover you for any mishap that may otherwise temper your stay in the country! 

Wait no more! Just pack your bags and fly overseas to live life on your own terms!   

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and claims underwriting are subject to policy terms and conditions. Kindly refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.


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