Why Solo Women Travelers Must Have Travel Insurance?


Why Solo Women Travelers Must Have Travel Insurance?

Women are conquering new heights. With an ever-increasing number of solo women travellers, the curiosity to explore the world amongst women than their male counterparts is higher. But, if you really want to enjoy the great gin-joys of your solo travel then, it’s advisable to protect yourself with travel policy. It is a plan that gives you maximum coverage and minimize your risk.

Reasons to Opt for Travel Insurnace

Let’s take a look at why solo women travellers must have travel insurance.

Traveling to Unknown Place- If you are traveling to the place where you have never been before then it’s advisable to buy insurance cover.  It can alleviate your stress and make you feel like you have someone to support you during any kind of emergency in the foreign soil.

Trip Delay Reimbursement- Overnight waiting at the airport for the next available flight or delay in checked-in baggage can cost you thousands of dollars. But, if you have an insurance cover that offers you trip delay reimbursement you are on the safer side. You will get the reimbursement for all the possible expenses that you may incur due to trip delay.

Cashless Hospitalization- You will get the facility of cashless hospitalization under travel insurance plan during any medical emergency. You do not need to deposit a lump sum amount of cash during your hospitalization. All your bills will be paid under travel insurance policy.

Emergency Assistance- Other than covering medical risk, you also get other emergency assistance such as medical evacuation, personal liability, etc.

Bear out of Pocket Expenses- Your insurance policy bears all sorts of medical and non-medical expenses that are out of pocket for you in case of any exigency. So if you have sound insurance policy you can travel worry-free around the world.

Mandatory- For Schengen Visa Insurance, Russia, the USA, etc. travel insurance mandatory for all the tourists to ensure their safety during their visit. So, if you are planning to visit any of these countries first you have to buy overseas travel policy to get your visa process done.

Thus, accidents, emergencies, and unavoidable hiccups can happen when you travel alone. Here your travel insurance policy is your lifeguard. It doesn’t have to be expensive but gives you a safety net. You should also read how to choose the right travel policy to make your solo trip a life- long memory.

How to Choose a Right Travel Insurance Cover?

While it’s vital to buy a comprehensive travel insurance plan, how to buy is also equally important, especially, when you are going for a solo trip. So, if you are still juggling how to choose the right insurance plan, below are some important things that you should look while buying insurance to secure your journey.

Check Duration- You can opt for a single or multi-trip policy basis on the frequency of traveling and possibility of extending your trip. So, you should check the duration and extension possibility of the policy before buying travel insurance policy. 

Region Specific- You should check whether your travel insurance policy is a region-specific. It should be compatible with the travel regulations of the country where you are planning to visit.

Coverage-You should compare the coverage that under travel policies. Your plan should have maximum medical and non-medical coverage.

Claims Settlement Ratio (CSR) - This ratio shows our ability to settle the insurance claims. You should opt for the one that has higher CSR.

Emergency Assistance- You should also ensure that you get some emergency assistance as well under your travel insurance such as obtaining a duplicate passport, medical evacuation, personal liability, etc.

Minimal Exclusions- Before investing in insurance policy for traveling, checks the exclusions list. Ideally, the list should not be too long. It should have minimal exclusions and includes most of the possible uncertainties that you may face during your stay in a foreign country. 


So, look around all the pros and cons of the overseas travel insurance plan before you settle for one. Care Health Insurance is the brand that you can trust upon. You can read our online reviews given by our customers and also check our online ratings. We are the market leaders in travel domain. We offer wider coverage against all medical and non-medical emergencies with affordable premium. Our customer care support team is super active and available 24x7 to assist you in your bad time. We won’t let you slip on any adversity even if you are a solo woman traveller. 

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and underwriting of claims are subject to policy terms and conditions. Please refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

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