Essential Tips To Stay Safe While Travelling With Pre-existing Diseases


Essential Tips To Stay Safe While Travelling With Pre-existing Diseases

Guide to Safe Travel with Pre-Existing  Health Conditions

Travelling requires careful planning, whether on purpose or on a venture to explore the world. More so if you are someone who has a burden of pre-existing health conditions travelling with you. 

As someone travelling with pre-existing health conditions, you should be cautious about possible health crises that may come along the way. And be accordingly prepared with insurance that covers pre-existing diseases from day 1.

Although abiding by the IRDAI guidelines on pre-existing diseases, your travel insurance may provide basic coverage for your pre-existing health conditions. Still, to ensure a hassle-free trip, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind.

This blog will address the tips you should remember while travelling with pre-existing health conditions. Also, keep reading till the end to get tips on opting for the best international travel insurance plan. 

Consult with Your Doctor Before Starting Your Trip

Before booking your tickets or applying for your visa, make sure that you get advice from your doctor. Travel only if it suits your health and your doctor states it is safe. Taking an expert’s suggestion is a must, especially if you have been admitted to the hospital in the past six months or a year due to a life-threatening condition. 

Research About Your Destination

Once your doctor gives the final heads-up, do your homework! Check out the country that you are to visit. Know the weather trends of the country and the seasonal health conditions trending at the time of your travel. Also, make a note of the nearest specialist hospitals and clinics around the place of your stay.

Knowing the whereabouts of the destination will ensure that you know where to go in case a medical emergency strikes.

Take all the Advised Vaccinations

Certain vaccinations are necessary to take before you travel to a specific destination. Especially if you are someone travelling with a pre-existing condition, having all the advised vaccinations becomes even more crucial as avoiding these may pose severe health risks.

Thus, before embarking on a new overseas journey, you should take all the advised vaccinations and carry the recommended vaccination certificates.

Travel With All the Medical Documents

If you are travelling with a pre-existing medical condition, you should carry along your medical prescriptions and the latest documents that an expert may ask in an emergency. Carrying your medical documents will ensure you do not have to undergo hefty checkups during a medical emergency in a foreign country.

Arrange Plenty of Necessary Medications

Suppose you have diabetes at the time of your travel. Then, in such a case, travel with abundant prescribed medicines for diabetes to ensure that you do not run short of them in case you have to extend your stay for a period of time.

Also, if the reason for the trip extension involves medical issues due to a pre-existing disease, make sure to consult your doctor in the home country.

Take Care Of Yourself

Whether you travel in a group or embark solo, you must care for your health. Take your medications on time, understand your body’s needs and dress appropriately to avoid being under the weather. You can also carry smart gadgets such as a glucometer or Sphygmomanometer to track your health daily.

Purchase Travel Insurance for Pre-existing Disease

Unforeseen expenses may be burdensome to your pocket regardless of your travel destination. More so, if you travel to a financially stronger country such as the USA, Canada, Europe, etc., the expenses incurred in coping with an unforeseen medical expense can be enough to curtail your entire trip. 

Thus, to ensure that such a situation doesn’t occur on your foreign trip, you should opt for travel insurance with a pre-existing disease covered from day 1.

Pro tip: Here are a few tips on how to opt for insurance for pre-existing disease. Read on to know.

Choose a Plan That Covers Pre-existing Diseases Since Day 1: Ensure that the international plan that you opt covers life-threatening pre-existing health conditions since day 1 so that you do not have to serve any waiting period while travelling abroad.

Always Declare Your Pre-existing Diseases to Your Insurer: While buying a travel insurance policy, declare all the pre-existing conditions to ensure that you get coverage amidst life-threatening health crises. 

Opt for Destination-specific Plans: Ensure that your travel insurance plan is destination-specific and meets your unique needs. 

Suppose if you travelling to Japan, you can opt for a travel insurance for Asia, whereas, if you are to take multiple trips across the globe, you can take comprehensive annual multi-trip plans

Carry All The Necessary Documents: Apart from the medical documents, you should also carry the necessary documents as instructed by your insurer so that you can get easily admitted to the network panel in the destination country.

Choose International Travel Insurance from Care Health Insurance

Abiding by the above-mentioned tips you can ensure that pre-existing diseases do not stop you from exploring the world! 

Also, to have the safest and most hassle-free experience during your journey, you can opt for Explore- International travel insurance from Care Health Insurance.

Care’s international travel insurance provides coverage for life-threatening medical contingencies occuring due to pre-existing health conditions since day 1 of your policy start date.

Travel worry-free and have a memorable overseas experience, opt for the best travel insurance for pre-existing conditions from Care Health Insurance today.

Disclaimer: All plan features, benefits, coverage, and claims underwriting are subject to policy terms and conditions. Kindly refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.


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