Health Constraints? Here’s How to Deal with a Strict Diet While Travelling


Health Constraints? Here’s How to Deal with a Strict Diet While Travelling

Are you in a dilemma of what to eat while on a venture to explore the world? Well, let us help! 

We understand finding healthy options to eat outside can be worrisome, but it doesn’t mean you have to splurge to eat away! You can always plan smart and stay within reach of healthy eating options to keep a check on your health, not put on extra pounds and enjoy travelling the world!

Through this article, we share 5 smart tips to plan for the food options to eat away and, thus, keep a check on health constraints. 

While these tips should help you choose your dining options wisely, remember that a health emergency may still tag along to spoil your trip. You should always cover your trip with a destination-specific travel insurance plan to ensure you are not stuck with an uncovered medical emergency during your overseas trip. Ensure that the plan offers coverage for emergency hospitalisation due to health issues such as diarrhoea or food poisoning that may occur.

Now, without further ado, let us look at five tips to help you maintain a strict diet while on the go. 

Look Out for Nearby Places to Eat Around Your Destination 

More often than not, you may have to travel to destinations with different culinary cultures. 

For example, you may be a vegetarian and travel to a country with non-vegetarian specialities. You may find it difficult to have timely meals in such a situation.

The best way to maintain a healthy diet while on the go is to do your homework well. Before deciding where to stay, check out the nearby restaurants that offer healthy food choices according to your diet and taste. You can also try staying at hostels or hotels with kitchen access for their guests so that you can cook for yourself if you skip a meal. 

Follow Your Regular Mealtimes

Travelling across time zones brings jet lag and disturbs your biological cycles. To ensure these irregularities do not worsen, follow regular mealtimes. Skipping your regular meals may lead to an upset stomach or, worse, overeating.

Thus, always try to take up small portions at the set mealtimes. If you are skipping a meal, refresh your plates mindfully with veggies and healthy and tasty salad options. 

Stock up on Healthy Food for Travelling

Snacking items such as chips, chocolate bars, and soft drinks, which may be satiating for your cravings but are also high in calories and harmful fats. Having these instant munchies has several harmful effects, including bloating, upset stomach, weakness, etc.

Thus, we suggest you skip these munchies and stock up your bags with healthy nuts such as cashews, pistachios, chia seeds, etc. For those savoury cravings, you can stock up on salted peanuts and walnuts. etc., and rather than opting for instant fruit drinks, you may carry along or purchase fresh fruits on the go.

These healthy foods for travelling will ensure that you get the complete nutrients while travelling and, thus, do not crave junk food.

Eat Less, Savour More

Does trying out all the food from your destination country sound like a tempting idea to you? If yes, we ask you to think twice. While travelling is an occasion when you should go easy on yourself, trying out everything may lead to an upset stomach. 

Thus, we recommend you eat small and savour the delicacies more. The first rule to excel at this suggestion is not eating in a rush. Choose a hygienic place, select from the healthy options to eat outside, and savour the taste of what you eat. 

Consult with Your Doctor

Prevention is better than cure, especially if your doctor prescribes prevention. 

In simpler words, if you are affected by a prevailing disease or have been prescribed a strict diet to follow, then you should consult your doctor before flying abroad. Consulting the weather of the Destination, your duration of travel, and other ifs and buts of the trip may help you stay relieved from any unforeseen hassles. 

While most pre-existing diseases can be kept in check with prior check-ups and medications, your doctor may suggest whether or not you should take that trip after examining your health. For further financial security, you may take travel insurance with pre-existing disease coverage to keep any financial hassle at bay!

What If You End Up Over Eating?

We hope you get all the courage to abide by the above tips and lead a healthy and happy trip. However, do not punish yourself if you do go overboard sometimes. You may indeed end up savouring a few bites extra of your favourite cuisine because, obviously, you can not always travel back to try that dish!

In such a case, make sure to stay hydrated and try to take a few extra steps by the end of the day. Remember, you do not have to be uneasy to make the most out of your trip. Eat to your health’s content and make up for the extra calories at a steady pace. 

Happy travels!

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and claims underwriting are subject to policy terms and conditions. Kindly refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.


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Q. What is the best food for travelling for diabetics?

While travelling with diabetics, nuts, green apples, berries, and salads such as cucumber, beetroots, etc. can be a few healthy aeroplane snacks.

Q. What is the best travel food for high blood pressure?

Kiwis, raisins, melons, and pomegranates can be a few foods for travelling if you are affected by hypertension. Additionally, you can also take organic juices to prevent a blood pressure shoot.

Q. What are vegetarian options to carry along on a business trip?

If on a business trip, you can carry instant noodles, instant mixes of poha/oats, healthy nuts, etc., as vegetarian options to eat away.


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