New Schengen Visa Rules 2020


New Schengen Visa Rules 2020

Major Updates in 2020 Schengen Visa Code

With outstanding natural beauty, breathtaking scenes, true wilderness, and beautiful castles, Schengen countries are picture-perfect places to spend a fabulous time. If you are heading to the Schengen zone soon, then here are some updates for you. European Council has bounded all member states and Schengen countries with new visa code. It applies to all the embassies, consulates, and visa centers amongst 26 member countries. You have to follow the new code to get the Schengen visa to travel freely amongst the boundaries of 26 Schengen countries. So, let’s first understand what is Schengen visa all about?

What is Schengen Visa?

26 European countries have signed the treaty, called the Schengen Agreement, and become the members of “Schengen Zone.” It is a free European area that is borderless. People who want to travel Schengen countries need to obtain a Schengen Visa. It is a special visa that allows foreign travelers to move within the boundaries of the member countries without getting into cumbersome visa formalities again and again. It is enough to travel for tourism, study, or business purpose in the Schengen zone.

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Updates in Schengen Visa Code 2020

Now, let’s talk about the updates Schengen visa code 2020 has for you:

Visa Fee Hike

Earlier, the Schengen visa cost €60 per adult. But, after the new visa code, the Schengen visa fee has been increased from € 60 to € 80. It shows a hike of 33% in the visa application fee.

Non-Violation of 90/180 rule

According to the new visa code, Schengen visa holders can come and move out from the Schengen area multiple times, till they do not violate the 90/180 rule. This rule states that any foreign national holding Schengen visa should not stay more than 90 days, within 180 days, in Schengen countries.

Travel Insurance

Overseas medical insurance is a pre-requisite to get the Schengen visa. It helps travelers to take care of their unexpected medical expenses that may arise during their stay or travel in the Schengen zone. Travel Insurance gives financial support to the travelers so that they can enjoy their trip worry-free in Schengen countries.

Multiple-Entry Visas

The code also states that multiple-entry visas will be granted to the foreign travelers for one, three, and five years. But, it all depends on applicants’ visa and travel history and also, the discretion lies with the Schengen embassy.

Visa Application Period

As per the new code, the application period has also been increased from three to six months before the trip. It means that applicants have to apply at least three months before to get the Schengen visa hassle-free.

Implementation of New Code

The updated Schengen visa code was adopted by the European Council in June 2019. But, it was implemented from 2 February 2020 and applied to all the member countries.


Therefore, the new Schengen visa codes implemented by the EU comprise some really important changes that you should know before flying to Schengen countries. However, travel insurance remains untouched and still equally important to travel to the Schengen zone. If you are looking for Schengen travel insurance, then consider “International Travel Insurance.” It is comprehensive overseas travel insurance offered by Care Travel Insurance that has global acceptance and has wider coverage. So, opt for the right travel insurance, to enjoy the beauty of Europe worry-free.

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