Denied Entry to the Destination Country? Know How It Affects Your Future Travel


Denied Entry to the Destination Country? Know How It Affects Your Future Travel

Whether you are travelling to the USA, Canada, or Australia— your visa is the most important document guaranteeing your entry into the country. While your passport guarantees your nationality, and your Canada travel insurance secures you from financial crisis amidst a mishap, a visa guarantees your eligibility to enter the country for a specific period.

The visa application process can be as tiresome as the document's importance. Your visa application may only be accepted if you are familiar with the process or are applying for the first time. Today, we will educate you about how your rejected visa can affect your future travel experiences. But first, let us understand the major reasons behind visa rejection.

Why Does Your Visa Get Denied?

Getting rejected is one of the most heartbreaking things when applying for a visa. A rejected visa means you are denied entry into the country you applied to visit. Here are a few reasons that may lead to a rejection of your visa application:

  • You have not filled out the application form appropriately.
  • You have not provided sufficient supporting documents.
  • The information on the application form does not match the information on the supporting documents.
  • You failed to answer the questions asked by the consular officer during the visa interview.
  • You have a criminal record or pose a potential security risk for the destination country.

Does Visa Rejection Affect Future Travel?

Yes, even a single visa rejection for any reason may obstruct your future visa applications. The first setback is that you can no longer travel to the desired country in the face of visa refusal. Also, your entry may be permanently denied to a specific country, or you can need help obtaining a visa for countries with similar visa norms. 

Moreover, if you belong to a country requiring a visa for most countries worldwide, you may need help applying for a visa to visit another country. 

How to Avoid Visa Rejection?

Although visa rejection can lead to a setback in your travel plans, it can be avoided if you carefully fill out the application form and maintain transparency during visa interviews. Here are a few things you can do to avoid getting rejected for a visa application:

  • Fill out the application form carefully. Ensure all the details, including your name, contact details, medical history, the purpose of travel, etc., are authentic and are supported by relevant documents.
  • Provide appropriate proof for the type of visa you are applying for, business visa, student visa, etc.). If you are applying for a business visa, make sure you have signed proof from your employer. 
  • Prepare for the visa interview honestly. Refrain from giving misleading answers to the consulate officer. You can practice for the interview by practising common visa interview questions.
  • On the day of the visa interview, visit the consulate officer well-dressed and professional.
  • Ask questions where and when needed. Remember, the more composed and alert you are, the more confident you will seem to the consulate officer. 

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What to do if your Visa is Rejected?

The foremost thing to do once you receive a visa refusal is to decipher the reasons behind the same. While the consulate’s letter will mention the visa denial reasons, you can contact embassy support for further clarification. Below is a list of other actions you can undertake if your visa is rejected:

  • Appeal the refusal within 15 days (or specified time) of the receipt of the visa denial
  • Re-apply for the desired country’s visa in the future
  • Rectify the mistakes in your application form and re-submit for the visa process
  • Include the missing information and re-apply for the visa

Please note some countries may issue a visa denial letter stating that you can never re-apply for a visa there. In that case, your chances of visiting that country are close to zero.   

Can You Reimburse Your Visa Fee After Visa Rejection?

International Travel Insurance can help you reimburse your visa fee if in case, your visa gets rejected for no fault or a flaw in the application process. Thus, while applying for a visa, ensure that you have added an additional coverage for reimbursement of visa fee in your overseas travel insurance.

Care Health Insurance is your one-stop solution if you need help finding visa fee refund benefits for an affordable premium. The travel insurance plans from Care health insurance reimburse the visa fee in case your visa gets rejected because of negligence or no-fault, given that you provided the visa authority with all the valid documents required as per the rules and regulations of the destination country. 

Final Words

Visa application is a complicated process, especially if you are applying for a visa for the first time. To ensure you are accepted, follow the procedure carefully and have an expert by your side if possible. 

Pro Tip:

You cannot enter a certain country after being denied entry. Having said that, even if you have booked flight tickets or have made prior bookings in the destination country, you may not get to visit the country. Hence, always try to apply for a visa at least one to two months before the date of travelling, and make the bookings only when your visa request gets accepted.

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and claims underwriting are subject to policy terms and conditions. Kindly refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

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