7 Reasons that Could Reject Your Travel Insurance Claim


7 Reasons that Could Reject Your Travel Insurance Claim

Imagine you are travelling overseas, and you happen to come across an unfortunate event where you end up spending out of your pocket, hoping you would get claim approval, but it gets rejected. 

Won’t that be disappointing?

Claim rejection is one of the most common complications in travel insurance that every insurance holder dreads. Every claim rejection takes place due to unsubstantiated reasons, leading to disappointment and immense mental and financial distress. 

Usually, rejections happen due to the violation of the terms and conditions of the policy or when exclusions aren’t carefully read and understood.

In this article, we are shedding light on the most common reasons that usually reject your claims related to travel insurance. Read on to be fully informed, so you don’t end up shelling out even a single dime from your pocket.

Reasons that Could Reject Your Travel Insurance Claim

For the past two years, everyone’s life has been in turmoil ever since the pandemic struck.  The pandemic has led many countries to make changes for travellers from different parts of the world, resulting in the rejection of travel insurance claims. Below are 7 of the most common reasons that curtail the chances of getting a travel insurance claim when needed:

When Claim is Registered for Non-listed Category

Travel insurance claims are often rejected for reasons that are not listed in the travel insurance inclusions document. Reasons include– you have some personal commitments and can’t make it to the flight, or you or someone in your family gets sick, so you must cancel your trip. Such kind of reasons will ultimately cut down your chances of getting approval for  a claim. 

Travelling in spite of Covid-19 Restrictions

Many countries have strict guidelines and instructions concerning the pandemic. Avoiding which could result in your claim rejection. Furthermore, if you travel to a country during the covid and its borders get closed once you reach there, your travel insurance might not cover you according to the terms and conditions. So, make sure you are going through the country’s regulations related to the pandemic to be safe beforehand. 

Sickness/Accident due to Alcohol or Drug Consumption

While on a trip to a foreign land, be careful of what you do and consume. Being under the influence of anything intoxicating could lead to trouble in a country where you would hardly have anyone to rescue you. So, avoid consuming alcohol or any drug substance that will lead you to either sickness or accident because your travel insurance will not cover you for the same.

Injury due to Adventure Sports

In instances where you have fallen sick or injured yourself as a result of partaking in an adventurous activity, your claim is more likely to get rejected.

So, while travelling to a foreign land, be informed about your policy’s terms and conditions as most of the policies don’t cover particular adventure sports that could be risky or life-threatening.  

Undeclared Medical Condition

Usually, policyholders refrain from disclosing their medical condition to reduce their policy's premium cost. This practice might land you in trouble when you are in a country where no rescue is available without having to pay out of your pocket. Be mindful while filling out your document to avoid claim rejection, as undeclared pre-existing medical conditions will not be covered under your travel insurance plan. 

Incorrectly Filled Details

Make sure you don’t miss any details while filling out the form to get the policy. Even a wrongly spelt name can lead to travel insurance claim rejection. So, taking care of such minute details will not result in disappointment when you file a claim that falls under the inclusions of your travel insurance policy.

New Insurance Regulations 

Travel insurance companies revise their terms and conditions yearly without prior notice. Going through your updated policy document will not only keep you updated but also save you from the unnecessary hassle of filing a claim that is bound to get rejected. There is always a possibility that due to terms and conditions, which you are unaware of, the claim may get rejected when you apply for it. So, be updated every year after receiving your policy document.

Summing Up

Your pleasant trip may turn disappointing if you are not mindful of what bad could happen due to your negligence. Having a backup while travelling overseas is always the wisest thing to do but facing rejection due to inevitable circumstances is troublesome. To save yourself and your trip from getting haywire, make sure you are informed about everything about your travel policy and its terms and conditions. To be doubly certain about your travel insurance benefits, buy an extensive international travel insurance plan offered by Care Health Insurance. Its top-notch travel insurance plans provide seamless services to travellers and make their trip foolproof.

*Your Travel Insurance policy’s fine print will have all the information that you need to know before flying to another country.

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and claims underwriting are subject to policy terms and conditions. Kindly refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.


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