Here's Why the Destination you are Heading to Decides the Travel Insurance Plan you Should Buy


Here's Why the Destination you are Heading to Decides the Travel Insurance Plan you Should Buy

Decide Travel Insurance Plan Based on Your Destination

Traveling within one’s home country and visiting an overseas location are different experiences. When touring a foreign country, you are expected to manage several challenges arising out of language and cultural barriers, weather conditions as well as the specific laws of that country.

Similarly, when it comes to getting support in terms of the financial and medical facilities, you are likely to be more at ease in your home country than in an unfamiliar foreign destination. Therefore, when choosing a travel insurance policy, your destination becomes an important factor for consideration.

For instance, if you are on a trip to the United States from India and you face an unexpected medical emergency, your international travel insurance should be able to cover the medical treatment which is sure to be expensive.

We discuss below the various ways in which your travel destination plays a crucial role when picking the best travel insurance plan.

Risk Factors to Consider

When purchasing an international travel insurance policy, you should keep in mind the various risks you can face:

Geographical conditions:

If you are heading to a place which is prone to natural disasters like earthquake or cyclone, your travel insurance plan should be able to cover the risks like injuries, damages caused to your belongings, flight delays, medical emergencies, etc. So, be prepared to spend more as such plans are likely to be expensive.

Health Risks:

If the location you are traveling to which is prone to health risks, your policy should provide sufficient coverage for all the medical expenses you are likely to incur, including cases of accidental hospitalization.

Medical Evacuation:

Imagine you are on a cruise and then you suddenly feel a pain in the chest. This is an emergency that requires immediate medical attention. However, you are in the middle of the sea and you are required to be taken to a hospital in an air ambulance. This is when your insurance plan comes to your rescue. Make sure the policy you pick provides cover for such medical evacuation services.

This is also applicable if there are no proper medical facilities there and you need to be transported to the nearest city to access good healthcare facility.

Other Exigencies:

While you were shopping around in the busy city of New York, you suddenly discovered you had misplaced your wallet. If you had opted for travel insurance for USA, then you need not worry. Such insurance plans will provide you reimbursement for loss of your personal belongings like checked-in baggage, passport, mobile phones, etc. Hence, you would be compensated for the number of dollars you lost.

Similarly, your insurance plan will also reimburse you in case of other exigencies like a trip interruption or missed flights. Travel delays tend to be expensive when you are in a foreign location compared to a destination within your home country.

Your Destination Impacts your Premium Costs

Whenever you buy travel insurance online, you must remember that your policy and the premium will depend on your destination. That is, your premium is likely to be higher if you opt for travel insurance for USA, Australia, Europe, or Canada as compared to one for travel within India.

Moreover, as stated earlier, if your travel destination is a high-risk area that witnesses earthquakes, say Japan, then you will have to spend more on the premium.

Furthermore, if you are buying travel insurance online with coverage for specific locations instead of global cover, then such plans will have specific clauses, conditions, and sub-limits that must be kept in mind. It is also vital to check the exclusions in the policy so that you are clear on what benefits you are eligible for.

For those looking to buy travel insurance online, pick the right option based on your choice of destination by simply browsing through a range of Care travel insurance policies.

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