Handling Medical Emergencies Abroad


Handling Medical Emergencies Abroad

Be Equipped To Handle Medical Emergency On Your International Trip

In any medical emergency, every minute counts for getting quick and timely care. There is no denying the fact that facing a medical emergency, far away from your home, in a foreign country could be a scary situation to be in. The first thing you can do is to remain calm so that you can think properly and get the right support you need.

Having international travel insurance is extremely important as it gives you the financial backing when it comes to paying for expensive medical treatment. In fact, many countries have made it mandatory for tourists to show proof of overseas travel insurance. For example, it is mandatory for Indian citizens to get travel insurance for Schengen visa purposes.

You do not need to have any medical history; a medical exigency could arise unexpectedly. For instance, long-haul flights can lead to a severe muscle strain, or a fractured foot, or a case of food poisoning that can ruin your vacation.

Hence, there are some things to do before you begin your international trip to be completely equipped to deal with medical emergencies.

Read on to know more about handling a medical emergency on your international trip.

Pack Your Essentials

It is always beneficial to travel light. However, as you get ready for the international trip, make sure your travel bag has all the essentials that might come in handy during an emergency. Amidst clothing, accessories, and toiletries, make sure all the vital over-the-counter medicines (for cough, cold, flu, etc.) find their space in your bag. Also, keep a first-aid kit ready with you entailing ointments, bandages, etc.

Moreover, if you suffer from any allergy or medical condition like Asthma or Diabetes, then carry a list of medicines your doctor has prescribed you along with your doctor's contact details.

Research About Health Issues

Before you even book your international trip, you must get information about the prevalent health issues in the country you are visiting. Find out if there is an epidemic that has hit the country or whether vaccinations are recommended.

Buy Travel Insurance

A travel insurance policy is your support system in an unfamiliar foreign destination. A good international travel insurance policy for your trip will provide comprehensive coverage for wide-ranging medical emergencies. For example, treatment for a pre-existing ailment becomes life-threatening, accidental hospitalization, injuries or disabilities, medical evacuation, etc.

In countries, for instance, Thailand, it is a mandatory requirement to have medical travel insurance before you visit the country. Remember to check if there are such requirements for your destination.

Keep Vital Documentation

The first step you should take when faced with a medical emergency is to call your insurer. Inform your insurance company as soon as possible so that you get the required support without delay. Your insurer will help you locate a network hospital and settle your medical bills under your travel insurance plan.

However, you are much safer if you search for the healthcare facilities in the area you are heading to before starting your trip.

Furthermore, maintain the necessary paperwork like your policy documents and doctor’s prescriptions. Retain the receipts if you are planning to get your expenses reimbursed later.

You may be planning for a dream vacation, and thinking about something like a medical emergency may make you feel anxious. Nevertheless, choosing to buy travel insurance is a step in the right direction as it can help save your life and those dependent on you. 

Know the importance of buying travel insurance online and choose ‘Explore International Travel Insurance’ from Care Health Insurance.

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and claims underwriting may vary. Please refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, terms and conditions carefully.

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