5 Affordable Cities to Visit in the US


5 Affordable Cities to Visit in the US

Budget-friendly Places to Visit in the US

The United States of America is one of the highly expensive travel destinations on the globe. Many budget travelers from India usually look towards the east - Vietnam, Singapore and Thailand – for affordable vacations.

However, if you have planned to visit the United States and enjoy a good vacation on a budget, there are many places that will surprise you with their affordability.

Once you have set a travel budget, you should safeguard it by choosing the best travel insurance for USA. Such travel plans are customized to cover your emergency expenses in case of hospitalization or loss of baggage at the airport.

The US is a vast country and exploring it without a travel guide is not advisable. Unlike big cities namely New York and San Francisco where you may have to spend a lot of money on your trip, there are also cities in the US where you can get the most amazing travel experiences without burning a hole in your pocket.

Here are the five best budget-friendly destinations in the US:

1.Washington DC

This is the capital city and a popular tourist hotspot where you get a lot under $100 in a day. The spring is the perfect time to visit the location, though as the town gets decorated with blossoming cherry trees. Catching a glimpse of the city on the country’s Independence Day makes for a remarkable time. However, the destination is cheaper for travel in non-peak times with abundant low-cost hotels to stay.

The Metro system is reliable and affordable as compared to taxis. Traveling in off-peak hours will cost you around 1.85 USD to 3.85 USD compared to 6 USD in peak hours. Although there are high-end restaurants, you can still find cheap meal options especially fast food under 10 USD.

>> Check: Get Vaccinated Before You Travel To USA

2.Denver, Colorado

For just 75 USD, you can spend your day in the most economical way in this city which is known for its adventure sports, museums and places of historical significance. The Rocky Mountains are a major attraction.

From accommodation to meals, you save many dollars in this world-class city. Driving within the city is the best way to witness its charm and it is inexpensive, too. Also, you can opt for bike-sharing that will cost around 8 USD a day. Come to the city during the spring and fall seasons when air tickets are relatively cheaper.

3.San Diego, California

San Diego is one of the coveted places for travelers, especially families. Located in California, the city presents numerous attractions including sandy beaches, gardens, museums and the popular San Diego Zoo. Getting around the city need not be expensive. The public transportation, local bus and renting a car are the best ways to move within the city.

Accommodations in hotels are cheaper in off-season viz. January to March, October, and November. The city also has many affordably priced restaurants and there are various deals on sightseeing trips that you can avail.

4.Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Located in western Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh is a welcoming city with serene rivers and spectacular views. You can hire a bike and travel miles simply enjoy amazing city views. However, bus services are available free of cost in downtown Pittsburgh and North Shore areas.

With a travel budget of USD 75 per day, you find a plethora of accommodation options and restaurants with good food at reasonable prices. Home to the University of Pittsburgh, the city is also a preferred destination for Indian students and offers several low-priced rental housing options.

5.Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles can be an inexpensive place to explore in US with proper planning. Set your travel expenses at USD 80 per day to visit this fabulous city in California. Skip luxury accommodations and instead look for cheap hotels and motels where you can also find facilities like free Wi-Fi, free parking spaces and complimentary breakfast. You can find many independent sit-down restaurants where you can find the best cuisines at the best prices.

Tourists can rely on public transportation and Metro system comprising of trains and buses. The fares are as low as USD 1.75. You can even get a day pass from a vending machine at a cost of USD 7.

Match your travel budget with International Travel Insurance by Care Travel Insurance that offers you customized USA travel insurance plan.

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and claims underwriting are subject to policy terms and conditions. Kindly refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.


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