4 Reasons Travel Insurance Plans for US and Canada are Costlier

4 Reasons Travel Insurance Plans for US and Canada are Costlier

Travelling and Travel Insurance Plans go hand in hand in today’s date. 

One who is looking forward to a safe and comfortable journey deciphers it a wise decision to buy international travel insurance beforehand. Be it because of medical insecurities or the need for coverage from certain liabilities, having international travel insurance to back you up is the wisest choice you will make before you start travelling.

Although you can always customize your plans according to your needs, travel insurance plans for certain parts of the world, such as the USA and Canada, can be costlier than others. 

Yes, concerning the complete coverage in case of an emergency while travelling, most of the travel insurance companies in India provide insurance for USA and Canada at high premium amounts. 

Here’s why!

4 Reasons Why Travel Insurance for US and Canada are Costlier

Developed countries such as the US and Canada have diverse lifestyles and are more expensive than those in Africa and Asia. Here are four ways in which the developed infrastructure affects the premium of your travel insurance plan: 

High Expenses Hence, High Costs for Sustaining 

Suppose you are stuck in a situation where you must pay certain liability charges to a third party in the US. You have taken a cheap travel insurance plan with insufficient sum to cover the costs. This will end you up in a situation where you have a travel insurance plan which is good for nothing! 

To ensure that you get covered with the local costs of the country, the travel insurance companies in India charge higher premium amounts of travel insurance for the US and Canada..

Lack of a Regulatory Body for Healthcare 

Imagine you are in the middle of a medical emergency in the US that demands sudden consultation from an expert. You didn’t see this coming and are just covered with a low-priced travel insurance plan for the same; what will happen?

Unlike India and other European countries, the countries such as the US and Canada do not have a nationally regulated medical body. They do not have a government hospital in each city. Thus, private hospitalisation, consultation, and care procedures in US and Canada are costly. Travel insurance companies in India predict such situations and to ensure that you do not get stuck amidst such a situation, the travel insurance plans for US and Canada are made costlier.

Costlier Healthcare Expenses 

Suppose you are traveling with an elderly to the US. Unfortunately, he/she happens to encounter an unforeseen health crisis during the trip. The diagnosis, consultation and treatment costs incurred for the treatment of the elderly will be very high in the US as compared to India. The haphazard amidst this situation may not be reduced but, you can rest assured of the expenses by buying an International travel insurance plan. 

Costly Travel Allowance 

Imagine you get robbed of your passport and belongings on a trip to the US. You would feel terrible, right? Now imagine that you have to reach out to the Indian embassy or to the local police station to report the mishap without your cash or internet banking details. However, hefty the costs may be, you’ll have to take up the challenges to get your belongings back. The costs of travel and other charges incurred amidst the crisis that occurred to you in the US can be taken care of. To ensure that you are covered from all aspects for any such encounters, the travel insurance plans for US and Canada are expensive.

Travel Insurance Plans are Costly; How to Manage the Costs?  

Travelling abroad is costly, and we understand your concern about saving on a travel insurance plan. Hence, here are a few ways that may help you to cut on the hefty costs: 

  • If you are a frequent traveller and are planning to visit the US or Canada several times throughout the year, buy a multiple-trip travel insurance plan.

  • Read out all the terms of your travel insurance plan before buying one. Always ensure with your insurer about the geographic coverage of your plan.

  • Always choose a flexible international travel insurance plan that can be customised as per your budget and needs.

  • ALWAYS! We repeat, always read out all the terms and conditions of your policy and choose the one that has no space for loopholes and satisfies your needs and queries completely. Never forget to compare several policies and buy the one that fulfils your requirements.

Summing it Up

The leading cause of an expensive travel insurance plan for countries such as the US and Canada is the possibility of expenses you may incur throughout your trip.

Buying an international travel insurance plan for your trip is crucial as it ensures that you can comfortably travel the world in your comfort. In contrast, your insurance covers you for uneventful emergencies. 

The International Travel Insurance Plan by Care Health Insurance is a comprehensively designed plan that keeps all your needs in an emergency. Whether for medical expenses, baggage loss or delayed, interrupted, or cancelled trips, your international travel insurance plan by Care Health Insurance covers it all!  

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and claims underwriting are subject to policy terms and conditions. Kindly refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.


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