Importance of Buying Health Insurance for Domestic Help


Importance of Buying Health Insurance for Domestic Help

In today’s time, almost everyone has unsung heroes that make their life easy and comfortable. Your unsung heroes are your domestic workers, who work relentlessly to assist you in your everyday's chores. Similarly, like they take care of you and your family, they also deserve to be cared for. These uncertain times have brought many a misfortune, and most of them have been those who didn’t have health insurance backing them up in times of crisis. Health insurance for domestic workers has become the need of the hour, considering their welfare and safety.

According to Social Security Act, 2008, now included in the Code on Social Security, 2020, for providing social security to all unorganized workers, including domestic workers. The Act includes the formulation of social security schemes viz. life and disability cover, health and maternity benefits & old age protection by the central Government.

Why your Domestic Help must have Health Insurance

Domestic workers in India are an essential part of your day-to-day routine, and your schedules go for a toss when they take an off day. While they keep your life smooth with their existence, something can be done to ensure that they are safe when they fall sick. Domestic workers are the people who assist you continuously with no paid or sick leaves, no job security, or provident fund. It becomes a challenge for them to keep up with their health due to no financial backup. 

It isn't impossible for those with sufficient financial resources to help their domestic workers with a financial plan to lead a life without being burdened with exorbitant medical costs for their treatment. Furthermore, it is possible to assist them to become financially secure to a certain extent.

Finding a domestic worker these days might become a challenge, but retaining one isn’t. Let us tell you how essential it is to buy health insurance for domestic workers. Educating domestic workers about government schemes to support them in getting pension or healthcare insurance at nominal cost is important. Make them aware of the long-term benefits of using these schemes for their welfare, and assist them with regular increments and bonuses. Give them regular increments and bonuses so that they don’t have to face financial barriers due to limited income.

Benefits of Buying Health Insurance for Domestic Help

Skyrocketing medical costs often lead domestic workers to heavy debts with interest. Sponsoring your house help will cost you much less than compared to the benefits you will reap. Let’s understand why health insurance for domestic help can be helpful for you as well as your helper.

  • No need to extend loans for their health issues- If your house help has health insurance in place, they will not ask you for a loan. This ensures a reverent relationship from both sides.

  • Retention- You will definitely earn their gratitude once you start supporting and assisting them in taking care of their health expenses. 

  • Healthy house help- Once your house help is protected against diseases, you will be at peace about their health and their treatment. There could be times that they are going through communicable diseases like Covid-19; you can guide and support them to take appropriate medical assistance with the help of health insurance. 

The aforementioned benefits are the simplest way to empower your domestic help financially. Ensure that you educate them properly and answer their queries in simple words. Explain how important it is for them and their family to buy health insurance to cover medical costs related to illness or injuries. Also, tell them what all health insurance plans do not cover to keep them prepared beforehand. 

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Health insurance for maids, servants or drivers should be drawn to attention because it is crucial to understand they also need support and guidance to lead a healthy life.  So, spare yourself a moment and think about the affairs of your domestic help. Buying them health insurance is a small cost you can give them for their relentless efforts to keep your life smooth. Care health insurance offers healthcare plans with the lowest premium cost for those who can’t afford health insurance with high premium costs. Call us at 1800-102-4499 for any assistance.


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