Why Travelling to Bali at Least Once is a Must


why travelling to bali at least once is a must

For those who are constantly counting on the number of places they have been to, it would be surprising if Bali is not on their list. Idyllic beaches, wonderful points of sightseeing, and charming hospitality – you are in for a treat.

But, Do I Need Travel Insurance for My Trip to Bali?

Absolutely! Having travel insurance is an essential part of your Bali trip to ensure complete peace of mind. It can cover instances where you incur a loss of passport and check-in baggage, trip delay, cancellation and interruption, out-patient and in-patient treatment, coverage against pre-existing illness and other events that are listed in your policy’s Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

Without travel insurance, you would need to pay for these expenses entirely out of your pocket which will severely impact your finances.

Take The Best Travel Insurance During Your Bali vacation

With country-specific plans that cater to your travel needs, a travel insurance policy from CHIL will offer a range of benefits during your Bali trip, including: - 

● Cashless Claim Settlement

● Region Specific Plan to suit your need

● Business Class Upgradation

● Double Sum Insured in case of Hospitalization due to Accident


Top Travel Tips for Bali

1. Plan ahead

The Peak season for Bali is between June and September. Plan and book ahead so that you don’t miss out on any adventure, leisure or sightseeing activity.

2. Keep your belongings safe

Consider protecting your belongings by utilising a hotel room safe and keep important documents hidden at all times. While travel insurance does cover loss of belongings, keeping them secured is always the first line of defence.

3. Book your flights wisely

When it comes to choosing a good airline, avoid those that have a reputation for a high frequency of cancelled or delayed flights. With that being said, if the flight delay is for 12 consecutive hours or more, your travel insurance will come to the rescue, covering this exigency as well.

4. Visa-free stay

Indians visiting Bali can stay for up to 30 days without a visa, provided your visit is purely for tourism and social purposes. This is great for any holidaymakers looking to kick back for a few weeks as it is one less thing to worry about when planning your trip. The best part is that you can always count on Bali for coming back as every time you exit and re-enter Indonesia, you will get a new 30-day free visa.

While Bali is a charming, exciting and tourist-friendly country, it is important to secure your belongings and those mind-blowing travel plans. So, to have complete peace of mind during your stay, make sure that you invest in travel insurance. A comprehensive travel insurance plan offers prompt support and assistance in case of medical as well as non-medical emergencies. Stay well-covered during your travels with a travel insurance plan from CHI.

Disclaimer: Please read the brochure and prospectus to know more about our comprehensive travel insurance plans cover as conditions may vary.

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