Know Why Europe Attracts More Tourists Than Any Other Continent


why europe attracts more tourists than any other continent

Are you an avid traveller? If yes, you must have explored or want to explore Europe for its unprecedented beauty. As said by Jacques Chirac, “The construction of Europe is an art. It is the art of the possible” is indeed true. The continent offers some exemplary experiences that no continent can offer, no matter what. The intricate diversity of Europe with its rich history makes it even more fascinating among travellers across the world. You are bound to be awestruck if you are on to exploring the continent’s most attractive destinations that are known for their exquisiteness. It is home to 44 countries that are distinctive from each other for their cultural and culinary experiences.

If you wonder why Europe attracts more tourists than any other continent, you are at the right place to get the answer to all your questions about this mesmerising continent.

Let’s find out what makes Europe so enchanting!

Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Europe 

The continent radiates warmth, happiness and enchantment with its unparalleled architectural masterpieces, nature and incredible culinary diversity. Each country, however small, has its essence and distinctiveness. We have narrowed down the 5 best places to visit in Europe and a reason why these countries are tourist magnets:

1. France

places to visit in france

The country that lures the highest number of tourists is the country of love, France. The country is a favourite destination for numerous palaces, castles and cathedrals. France’s medieval villages like the Perouges, St Jean Pied de Port, snow-clad mountains, beaches and massive markets have made France one of its kind. The footfall in the country is the highest of all the European countries due to its magnificent tourist sights and culinary delights.

Best time to visit the country- Spring (April-May), summer (June-August), or autumn (September-October). 

2. Spain

 places to visit in spain

The country of passion, Spain, is famous across the world for its flamenco dancers and bullfights. The land with immaculate beaches, architectural highlights, sumptuous paellas, and scenic coastlines offers memorable experiences to its travellers. The second most visited country in Europe is also famous among youngsters and football lovers for its football teams that are renowned worldwide. Madrid, the capital of Spain, has stunning street life that you can spend your entire day creating memories. Do not forget to plan a trip to Spain if you are in Europe and up for some adventure. 

Best time to visit the country- Spring (March to May) or Fall (September to November) 

3. Italy 

places to visit in Italy

The country that would never fail to capture your heart is unarguably Italy. Its vibrant cities, gorgeous lakes and coast and landscapes will make you fall in love first, and then there is its excellent culinary culture. The country indeed has something to enchant everyone in just one tour. The country of glamour and magnificence will not disappoint you. Must include this destination in your itinerary if you plan your Europe trip anytime soon.

Best time to visit- Spring (March-May) and Autumn (September-November)

4. Turkey

places to visit in turkey

The country that is home to post-card-perfect beaches and mountain ranges has all the potential to give you a remarkable experience of your life. The country offers incredible food, architecture and the most welcoming people. The country’s capital Istanbul is the biggest city in Europe and the bridge between two continents: Europe and Asia, as it is located on both continents. In terms of weather, Turkey is pleasant most of the time. So, do not miss out on this destination if you are a foodie as well as a wanderlust.

Best time to visit- April to May and September to Mid-November 

5. Germany

places to visit in germany

The heart of Europe, Germany is known for its deep-rooted history. The best-hidden gem of Europe is mostly found in Germany. From big cities to Alpine villages, Germany is rich in culture, history and natural grandeur. Places like Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt are home to modern architectural buildings, nightclubs, historic churches and cobblestone streets. Germany has something for every tourist out there, and you better not miss it!

Best time to visit- May to December

Discovering the aforementioned marvels will definitely make your trip to Europe worth every penny you spend. The continent that spreads as far as the Arctic Circle and has borders with Africa and Asia is unbeatable. While you get busy making memories in Europe, you may encounter something unfortunate like losing luggage or a passport that could ruin your mood and leave you helpless in an unknown country. You can definitely steer clear of these losses if you have been able to secure Care Health Insurance’s Europe Travel Insurance beforehand. It would protect you from medical and non-medical expenses and give you peace of mind. So, make a wise choice of buying travel insurance for Europe as soon as you plan your vacation.

Disclaimer: The above/mentioned information is for reference purposes only

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