How Many Types of Passports in India are there?


How Many Types of Passports in India are there?

A passport is the most important document of identification for an individual travelling abroad. It plays the dual role of being a traveller’s laissez-passer to enter a foreign territory, and providing proof of Indian citizenship.

As per the Passports Act of 1967, the Ministry of External Affairs, Republic of India issues various types of Indian passport to the citizens according to their civilian rank and purpose of travel. The government categorises the different types of passport in India with specific colours.

Here you will learn in depth about the various types of passports in India and their significance.

Types of Passport in India on the Basis of Colour

Based on the purpose of travelling, there are principally four different types of Indian passports classified which are meant for providing the holders faster immigration clearance, visa-free travel etc. All these different types of Indian passports are characterised by different Indian passport colour.

Types of Passport in India by Colour

So let’s know about different types of passports in India on the basis of their colour.

  • Blue Passport: This passport is issued to the general Indian people who set out for business or leisure trips to various destinations abroad. This passport helps the foreign authorities to differentiate between government officials and the general public.
  • White Passport: These passports are issued to Indian government officials who travel abroad for official purposes. Again, this passport helps the immigration officers to recognise government officials travelling to their country.
  • Red Passport: The diplomatic passport or red colour passport is issued to diplomats working in embassies and consuls. The red passport booklet has 28 pages.
  • Orange Passport: In 2018, the Government launched the “orange passport” for individuals who are educated below the 10th standard and require an immigration check in place of the ECR passport. However, the government had to reverse its decision due to concerns over discrimination regarding educational background.

Besides, the Indian Government has recently introduced updated e-passports for better security and rapid immigration check.

Who is Eligible for Different Types of Passport in India

Given below is list of persons eligible for various Indian passport types:

Type of Passport Colour Persons Eligible
Ordinary Blue Ordinary citizens
Diplomatic Red Diplomats (Embassy or Consulate)
Official White Ministers and Government Officials
ECR passport  (now discontinued) Orange Those who have not completed their education above 10th standard.

What are the Documents required for Passport Application?

Given below is the document checklist for new Ordinary Passport Application:

Type of Evidence Documents
Proof of Date of Birth Birth Certificate, School leaving/Matriculation Certificate
Photo Id Proof Aadhaar card, voters ID, PAN card, Driving Licence
Proof of Residence Gas/electricity/water/telephone bill, Rent/Lease agreement
Proof of Nationality Aadhaar card, Voters ID, PAN card

Besides, there are some additional documents required for the Official and Diplomatic Passports. Here is the list of those supporting documents:

  • Official or Government Identity Card of the applicant
  • Official Duty Certificate issued by the Head of Office
  • Official Request Letter from your Forwarding Officer
  • Clearance Certificate from Prime Minister’s Office (PMO)

What is the Application Fee for Different Types of Passport in India?

The application fee for all types of Indian passport is the same. The only difference lies in the kind of scenario under which passport application is to be made. Given below is the list of different scenario for passport application and the applicable fee:

Scenario Passport Size Application Fee (₹)
Fresh Passport / Reissue Application Standard Size Passport (36 pages) 1,500
Jumbo Size Passport (60 pages) 2,000
New application / renewal in Tatkal service Standard Size Passport (36 pages) 3,500
Jumbo Size Passport (60 pages) 4,000
Duplicate passport in lieu of loss, damage or theft of the passport Standard Size Passport (36 pages) 3,000
Jumbo Size Passport (60 pages) 3,500
New Passport for Minors (Below 18 Years) Standard Size Passport (36 pages) 1,000

In case of a diplomatic (red) or official (white) passport, there is no application fee since the government issues these two types of passport to the respective VIPs/VVIPs.

What if you Lose your Passport while Travelling?

Don't worry at all….. We got you covered!

Before you embark on your journey abroad, you must cover your trip against unforeseen circumstances by purchasing the best travel insurance plan in India from Care Health Insurance. With this plan, you can get yourself covered for loss of important documents such as your passport. In case of loss of passport or other travel documents, you can contact the Care Assistance Provider in India, who will provide you consular access to the Consulate or Embassy of the destination country.

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Q. What are Different types of Passport on the basis of Size?

As per the Indian immigragtion laws, every Indian citizen has a choice between two different sizes of passports: Standard and Jumbo size passport. While Standard size passport has 36 pages, Jumbo size passport has 60 pages.

Q. My Child is 5 years old. Can I get a Jumbo Size Passport for him/her?

No, minors can only get the standard size passport booklet of 36 pages.

Q. What is the validity of Indian passports?

In case of Ordinary passport, the validity is 10 years both for Standard and Jumbo size passport. Whereas the validity of a diplomatic and official passports is 5 years or less, depending upon the portfolio of the passport holder.

Q. How Long Will It Take To Process My Passport Application?

With all the details duly filled and documents properly submitted, the passport application can be processed in 30 to 45 working days. However, in Tatkal scheme, you can get your Passport confirmed in 2 to 3 working days.


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