7 Essential Travel Tips For Vegan Travellers


7 Essential Travel Tips For Vegan Travellers

Travelling to distant places has never been a cakewalk. This is very true for those travellers who have special needs. Vegan travellers are such special types of travellers who have specialised requirements as regards food and lifestyle.

This article will guide travellers on how to embark on a safe and seamless journey abroad while maintaining the vegan lifestyle. The biggest challenge while travelling to any global destination is to understand the difference between vegetarian and vegan in the language of that country.

So, here are the seven most important tips for the vegan travellers that will help them get the most out of their voyage.

Switch to Zero-waste Personal Care

Personal hygiene products have a major role in waste production, and resultantly land degradation. Being a vegan, you must urge to minimise your personal waste by carrying no-waste personal care items. For instance, you may use bamboo boxes for your cosmetics, and eat with biodegradable spoons. Similarly, you can choose from a variety of juices and other beverages that are packed in paper bottles.

Complete your Health Kit with Supplements & Nutraceuticals

For vegans, certain vitamins and supplements are a must for their daily diet. There are high chances that you may get stuck in a place where you may not be able to get enough of them. Hence, during your journey, you must have a “power-kit” of essential health supplements & nutraceuticals such as Vegan B12 and Plant Protein Powder for such testing circumstances.

Interact with the Locals

Before embarking your trip, it is always beneficial to talk with the vegan locals residing in the destination city, who can guide you on vegan life in that region. You can easily find such acquaintances on social networking sites. Besides, you may refer to the widely available travel e-guides for vegans. In fact, it is advisable that when you visit a vegan food destination, try to chat with the hospitality staff. This way you can easily make out whether the best practices for the vegans are being properly exercised. Moreover, this will help in exploring some new vegan culinary options.

Explore New Culinary Experiences

Food can make your vegan trip more enjoyable. All you need to do is take advice from a culinary travel portal or an online travel guide that can familiarise you with various aspects of vegan cooking and hospitality. Such websites generally give in-depth knowledge of different facets of the food industry such as the variety of oils, spices and condiments used in the making of food, and vegan cooking.

Master the Vegan Vocab

You know the fundamental difference between being a vegetarian and a vegan. However, the difference between vegetarian and vegan may imply slightly different in other languages or regional dialects. It is therefore advised to have command on the local jargon before embarking on the destination abroad. Learning the language of the country of your destination helps you get familiar with equivalent terms for veganism in the regional lingo. This way, you will be able to make yourself very clear to the hospitality staff serving you abroad. For smooth ongoing conversation at the hangout places, you must prepare yourself with conventional phrases like “no-eggs”, “no-dairy”. If you are travelling to a South Asian country, you may say “Buddha bowl please” to your waiter for a pure vegan menu.

Switch to Eco-friendly Packaging

When you have resolved to switch to vegan practices, packaging is the most important aspect that you must not miss out on.

Light packaging can actually be a big bonus to your savings as well as the environment. Besides, you don't have to stress about lost luggage. While packing light is a big bonus for you, packing sustainably is good for the environment as it means less plastic waste.

There are some super easy ways to be a more sustainable traveller, and with a few easy swaps, you'll be well on your way! First, evaluate all of your liquid toiletries in plastic packaging — many can easily be switched for something that works wonderfully but is also eco-friendly. Consider swapping tubes of toothpaste for toothpaste tabs; a great option is Lush’s "Dirty" Tooth Tabs; and instead of shampoo and conditioner bottles, use bars!

Secure your Vegan trip a Travel Insurance Policy

Whatever be your dream destination, a travel insurance policy always comes in handy for all the odd situations. Suppose during the course of your journey, the airline misplaces your baggage, or you lose your crucial travel documents in a distant land, an international travel insurance policy will provide full coverage for the cost of issuing the duplicate documents. Moreover the best travel insurance policy will also provide access to the consulate of your home country for diplomatic assistance.

Disclaimer: Verifying the policy details and coverage with the official policy documents is essential. Also, kindly consult a professional medical expert to verify the details of health concerns.

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