4 Tips to Buy a Travel Insurance with Repatriation Cover


4 Tips to Buy a Travel Insurance with Repatriation Cover

Exploring new lands is sometimes a necessity, while other times, it's leisure. Whatever it is for you, a sense of security must be the first thing to pack in your luggage! While you travel abroad, one thing that can help you lessen your burden of unforeseen losses is your International travel insurance plan. 

Your travel insurance plan will help you stay covered in unforeseen mishaps so that you can comfortably complete your trip without digging a deep hole in your pocket. Your plan will help you cover losses such as medical emergencies, lost/ stolen luggage, passport loss, or trip cancellations and delays. 

Wait! That's not it! 

Your travel insurer may also charge you extra for additional coverage, such as 'evacuation coverage' and 'repatriation coverage'. You may skip this coverage and buy a generic plan for yourself and your loved ones. But we suggest you read this page before taking the decision.

What is Repatriation Coverage in Travel Insurance Plan?

Repatriation coverage is a benefit included in a travel insurance policy that allows you to claim the transportation costs of the insured person's mortal remains back to the home country in the event of death.

Why is Repatriation Coverage Necessary? 

The death of a loved one in a foreign land can be disheartening if you are left alone with the mortal body of the diseased. Even worse, if your dearest ones were travelling alone and met with an incident that led them to death!

While planning a trip, planning for an unfortunate situation such as death is the last thing that comes to your mind! To help you avoid any such worries and at the same time have coverage that will help in times of need, your travel insurer will suggest you have a plan that gives repatriation coverage.

The repatriation cover provided under travel insurance from Care Health Insurance covers the cost of transportation to the place of residence in the event of death occurring only from an accident during the policy duration. This coverage is beneficial for those who are looking for a comprehensive plan for their trip.

We suggest you go through and understand the terms and conditions of the policy before opting for it. Also, compare the premium rates and features to ensure that you choose the best travel insurance per your requirements.

What are the Tips to Follow While Buying a Travel Insurance With Repatriation Coverage?

Adding up a benefit such as repatriation coverage to your travel insurance plan may certainly raise the premium of your travel insurance plan. Although spending a few bucks for your security is the wisest decision, here are a few tips to keep in mind while buying your travel insurance plan with repatriation coverage:

Always Compare Prospect Travel Insurance Plans

Your travel insurer may suggest exorbitant charges for your travel insurance plan. And trust us, you wouldn't want to be robbed even before starting your trip! Hence, we recommend you buy your travel insurance plan with repatriation coverage after thoroughly researching and comparing several options.

Discuss the Option of Customisation with Your Insurer

General travel insurance covers you in times of medical emergencies, baggage loss, passport loss, and trip delays/ cancellations. However, there are specific add-ons implied by your insurer that you may or may not need. Adding up the repatriation coverage to this may significantly raise your plan's premium. Although it is always suggested to take the necessary add-ons, you can always consider customising your travel insurance plan. 

Suppose there is additional coverage in your plan that covers you for any pre-existing medical illness, and you do not have one; you may ask your insurer to customise the plan by deleting the clause.

Proofread the Claim Process Before Buying the Travel Insurance Plan

Death in itself is an unfortunate situation. Buying a plan from an insurer that turns a deaf ear in times of need will add to the pain. Hence, before purchasing a travel insurance plan with repatriation coverage, always read the claim procedure thoroughly. 

It will also be wise to check out the honest social reviews by the existing insured policyholders. If you are buying a travel insurance plan for the first time, check the insurance company's credibility.

Maintain Transparency in case of Pre Existing Disease   

Suppose your loved one has type 2 diabetes, and you hide this from your insurer while buying a travel insurance plan. In such a condition, your insurer may deny your claim towards providing repatriation coverage. To ensure that you do not have to go through this pain, disclose the insured's pre-existing ailments to the insurer. 

Depart With Repatriation Coverage!

Before departing on your journey abroad, getting a travel insurance plan with a repatriation cover is a wise choice if the insured travels with ailments such as heart disease or diabetes. The cover available in the International Travel Insurance by Care Health Insurance may be helpful in case of the sudden demise of the insured. Although not emotionally, the cover can help the deceased family supporting them financially.

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and claims underwriting are subject to policy terms and conditions. Please refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

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