Tips to avoid Travel related Scams for your next Overseas Trip


Tips to avoid Travel related Scams for your next Overseas Trip


It is always exciting to plan a trip with friends and family and live those days to the fullest. It becomes indispensable to understand how hassle-free travel can make your trip a memorable one, regardless of your destination. One always tends to plan an itinerary that ensures that your trip goes by the plan and nothing goofs up while you are at a strange place with hardly any backup. There have been incidences where people were aghast as they weren’t vigilant enough during their overseas trip. Being duped during your trip may leave you disappointed and you may not gather some good memories from the trip. You might regret taking that trip and end up in destress. 


However, being vigilant while you are travelling to whichever destination is crucial for a successful trip. People plan their trips in haste and get scammed for not being fully aware. There have been various happenings that have caused people inconvenience and significant monetary losses. 


This article will give you with a handful of helpful tips that would make you more vigilant during your overseas trip.


Tips to avoid Travel-related Scam


While travelling, one expects everything to go seamless and to make that effort, and one tends to spend extravagantly without comparing much. Knowing the nitty-gritty of your travel-related requirement is imperative to keep you and your family safe from any travel scam you may encounter during your trip.

We have listed down tips to avoid travel scams to make your travel worthwhile. 

  • Be alert while booking- Being vigilant while booking your trip helps you in so many ways. Most travel-related scams happen online, as many complaints about travel-related scams happen while making online transactions. This calls for immediate vigilance if you are making online bookings.

  • Compare all the options- The moment you start planning your overseas trip, don’t look for just one option. There are various authorized platforms that offer travel services, including accommodation. Reliable sources ensure to cater seamless services to maintain their customers base. So, while making your booking, browse a little more to find the best deal in the market.

  • Know fares for local travel beforehand- It is never a good feeling to get duped while travelling. The moment we plan to travel overseas, we often ignore knowing the fares for local travel beforehand. The chances of being duped while travelling are high if you are not aware of the travel expenses already. People suffer travel-related scams, especially when they travel locally to an overseas destination. You are bound to face travel-related scams while booking taxis or tourist vehicles if you don’t know the actual cost. Every penny counts if you are in an unknown destination.

  • Hire an authorized guide- Nobody would ever want to hire a guide that costs them a fortune. If you are on your overseas trip, make sure you dig out for authorized guides that show you places nicely and charge you a reasonable cost. People tend to charge you more if you are new and unaware of how much a tour guide can cost. Make sure you look for a guide that is certified and has a good reputation.

  • Exchange from reliable sources- You are bound to be duped in an unknown nation if you are not exchanging your money from authorized agents or sources. Every country has authorized exchange services that offer reliable services without any scam. If you want to withdraw cash, you better look for trustworthy ATMs. Being aware of money related dubious activities can help you save a significant amount of money for yourself.

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Being cautious of international travel scams can undeniably add value to your overseas trip and give you cherishable memories. You should always spare some time and research before finalizing your trip. You will never regret going the extra mile to be safe from travel scams. 


Travel scams can easily be avoided if you are watchful during your overseas trip and follow the aforementioned tips. One would always want to be doubly safe and acquire a cushion for a safe trip. Travel insurance is your safety cushion if you wish to travel stress-free. Be it a business tour, an educational opportunity, or a planned vacation time with family - for the countless reasons you may have, you must never forget that it is crucial to secure your trip as things may not go as expected. However, travel insurance doesn’t cover any scam that happens to you during your trip. Care offers various destination-specific travel insurance as per your needs to keep you protected when you are not in your home country.


Disclaimer- The information above is just for reference purposes only. Please refer to your policy documents to know about its T&C.

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