7 Tips for a Safe Overseas Trip for Pregnant Women


7 Tips for a Safe Overseas Trip for Pregnant Women

“Now that you are expecting, you should be careful about everything you do. Don’t exhaust yourself and avoid travelling while you are pregnant”. Sounds like an Indian daily soap, right? 

Gone are the days when women used to stay under house arrest during pregnancy. Today, even experts suggest expecting mothers should work and remain active until the third trimester. The reason is — it lifts up their mood while subsiding health issues like backaches, bloating, swelling, and constipation. 

On the other hand, there’s no scientific backing for the misconception that pregnant women should avoid travelling. Yet, there’s a list of caution and safety measures that to-be mothers must follow when travelling with a baby inside. Read on to find out how you can make the most of your pregnancy phase by travelling safely with these tips and preparations: 

Tips for Expecting Mothers to Stay Safe While Travelling Overseas

Travelling overseas during pregnancy can be a wonderful experience and give you great memories if you always ensure your safety and comfort. Here are 7 tips for all the mommy-to-be to stay safe while travelling.

Plan Your Trip During The Second Trimester

The second trimester (13th-26th weeks of Pregnancy) is the safest period if you are planning to travel across two or more time zones. At this point, the chances of miscarriage are very low, and the nausea effects of pregnancy should settle down. However, the same may not apply to every mommy-to-be. Thus, you must consult your doctor before making any reservations.

Avoid Very High Altitudes

The lack of oxygen in the higher mountainous regions may lead to breathlessness and, thus, discomfort. As a pregnant lady, your body needs more oxygen than usual, and not being able to get enough oxygen in high altitudes may result in nausea, brain fog and uneasiness. To avoid these issues, you should skip trips that involve trekking and moving to high altitudes. 

Avoid Staying Hungry for Long Hours

When expecting, travelling with an empty stomach – across time zones –  can make the deal more complicated than it already is. While you must medium-haul flights are bearable, you need food backup for long-haul flights. . Oneway to avoid unhealthy options en route is by carrying healthy snacks such as fruits, berries, and nuts. If you are planning to take long-haul flights, ensure that you are packed with fibrous items such as salads and healthy bars.

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Do a Weather Check  in the Destination Country

During pregnancy, your body is more vulnerable to unfavourable weather conditions. Thus, check the weather conditions even if you have booked your overseas trip. Always carry clothes in layers to maintain the optimum temperature for yourself. 

If the weather worsens, consult your doctor before leaving for the trip. Don’t worry if the doctor suggests you cancel the trip due to the worsened weather.

Avoid Long Hours of Sitting 

Sitting idly for long hours can result in blood clot formation in your body if you are pregnant. Thus, avoid sitting for long hours on the flight or during your trip. After small intervals, get up and take short walks. If you are on a flight and are advised not to get up, try and flex your calf muscles. If you feel the stiffness increasing, keep your feet on the seat.

Be Early to Avoid Rush

You can not sprint your way to the flight last minute if you are pregnant. Thus, reach on time to ensure you get to the flight without any haste. Reaching on time will also ensure you do not have to risk yourself amidst the heavy crowd. 

Avoid Travelling to Remote Areas

Travelling to unexplored places may be a thing you like as a traveller. However, it may not be safe if you are travelling during Pregnancy. Travelling to places without immediate medical assistance can result in unprecedented hassles. Thus, avoid places such as mountains and isolated destinations during Pregnancy.

Final Thoughts

An overseas trip during Pregnancy doesn’t necessarily have to be an ordeal. If certain precautionary measures are taken care of, the trip can turn out to be a great experience before you enter motherhood. Consult your doctor whether you are medically fit to travel, arrange important preventive measures, and get a travel insurance with adequate coverage for unprecedented medical and non-medical perils occurring during pregnancy.

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