Student Travel Insurance to Study Abroad


student travel insurance to study abroad

Planning to Study Abroad? Here's why Student Travel Insurance is a Must

Opting for overseas education is a rewarding decision you can ever take in your life. It benefits you in many ways, even beyond your imagination. It not only gives your career a holistic development but also offers you an opportunity to visit new places, learn about the history, culture, technology, and make new connections. But, as a student, when you cross countries, there are chances you can get stuck in any medical or non-medical emergency. Here, comprehensive travel insurance helps you to overcome the ill-effects of such untoward circumstances. So, if you are planning to study abroad, here are some extraordinary benefits of student travel insurance to consider before you fly.

Why Student Travel Insurance is a Must?

Whether you are going for higher education, project work, or research, overseas travel insurance is a must. Please find below the benefits of travel insurance:

Medical Benefits

Medical treatment costs are very high in foreign countries. Student travel insurance provides you comprehensive medical coverage. So that if you fall sick or get injured, you get the claim against your hospitalization expenses. It eases your stay in a foreign land and saves you from getting overburden financially. Below are the benefits that international travel insurance provides you at the time of medical emergency:

  • Cashless Hospitalization
  • In-Patient and Out-Patient Treatment
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Air Ambulance
  • Surgical Dental Treatment
  • Daily Allowance for Hospitalization
  • Personal Accident
  • Treatment for Mental and Nervous Disorders
  • Treatment for Alcoholism and Drug dependency

Travel Benefits

While you are excited about your international trip, unexpected contingencies might cause delays, cancellation or interruption in your journey. Without overseas travel insurance, you may lose thousands of rupees that you have already spent on flights and bookings. Thus, travel insurance policy covers your travel risks and gives you reimbursement for the following:

  • Trip Delay or Cancellation
  • Trip Cancellation or Interruption
  • Loss of International Driving License
  • Loss of Passport
  • Study interruption
  • Terrorist attack

Baggage Benefits

While heading one country to another, there are the chances of airline goof ups. Your overseas travel insurance policy gives you baggage benefits that include the compensation up to the sum insured against:

  • Loss of Checked-in Baggage
  • Delay in Checked-in Baggage
  • Loss of laptop/Tablet
  • Breakage or Theft

Additional Benefits

Travel insurance acts as your rescuer at the time of any unfortunate incidence abroad. Insurance policy for studying abroad offers you some exclusive benefits as well to ensure your overall protection. These additional benefits are:

  • Cover Accidental Death
  • Personal Liability
  • Bail Bond
  • Sponsor Protection
  • Compassionate Visit
  • Up-gradation to Business Class
  • Lifelong Renewability
  • 24X7 Customer Support


Studying abroad is a fantastic opportunity. From helping you finding a new career to improve your skills and social circle, it opens new avenues for life. Because you must face these new challenges all alone in a foreign land, thus, it’s advisable to opt for student travel insurance. You can check the region-specific student travel insurance plans offered by Care Travel Insurance that gives you maximum coverage for online travel insurance at affordable premiums. So, you can focus on your studies for this life-changing experience.