Step-by-Step Guide to Track Passport Through Speed Post

Step-by-Step Guide to Track Passport Through Speed Post

Your passport is the most crucial identification booklet required at every step of your overseas travel. Thus, if you intend to travel internationally for work or leisure, you should get your passport issued immediately.

To apply for a passport, visit your nearest Passport Seva Kendra or apply on its official website. Once you’ve made the application, submitted the requested documents, and cleared the interview, you will be given a Passport file number and informed that your passport would be delivered within a specified time.

This passport delivery is done to your communication address through speed post. 

Wondering what to do if your passport is dispatched and hasn’t reached your destination yet? 

Fret not! You can track your passport speed post delivery on the website of India Post. Keep reading to understand the requirements and process.

What are the Requirements to Track Passport Dispatched by Speed Post?

You only require a 13-digit consignment number to track your passport through speed post. You can find the passport tracking number on Passport Seva's website using the passport file number. To do so, you must follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Visit the online passport seva portal and navigate to the “Track Application Status”.

Step 2: On the newly loaded page, select the passport type from the drop-down, enter the alphanumeric passport file number provided at the time of application, and enter the date of birth as per the documents. 

Step 3: As you click the “Track Status” button, the passport application status will be visible on the screen. 

  • You will see the processing status if your passport is still under process.
  • The page will show a 13-digit consignment number for passport tracking if it is already dispatched via India Post.

Keep reading to learn how to track your passport speed post delivery status once you’ve got the passport tracking consignment number.

Passport Speed Post Tracking Process 

You can track your passport delivery status both online and offline. 

To track passport status offline: 

Indian Post offers an SMS service to track passport delivery status offline. You must SMS the 13-digit consignment number on 51969 or 166. Followed by the SMS, you’ll receive the status of your passport delivery. 

As mentioned, this service is chargeable and requires you to share the consignment number in the exact order. 

To track passport status through speed post online:

Follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Visit the official website of India Post.
  2. Click the “Track N Trace” button on the page, fill out the 13-digit consignment number in the blank, and enter the unique Captcha.
  3. Click the “Track Now” button to get the passport delivery status.

What Details Can You Get While Tracking Passport Dispatched by Speed Post

Once you follow the above-mentioned steps, the Indian Post will deliver multiple details about your passport delivery. The list of details projected on the Indian Post website shall include:

  1. Estimated Delivery Date of Passport
  2. Passport Submission Date
  3. Passport Journey with India Post, etc.

Once you receive the passport, you can start planning your trip and apply for a visa if necessary. 

Travel Overseas Worry-free with Travel Insurance

Now that you know how to check your passport delivery status, let us also bring your focus to securing your international trip with International Travel Insurance!

Travelling to a foreign country, especially one economically stronger than India, exposes you to several budget-derailing risks! To ensure that these risks do not spoil your entire journey abroad, you must take necessary precautions such as consulting your doctor, pre-planning for any foreseeable risks and opting for travel insurance for the unforeseen hassles! 

Suppose you are travelling to Thailand; any unforeseen convenience, such as losing your baggage, theft, or hospitalisation, can spoil your trip and become a nightmarish experience for a lifetime!

Thus, in such a case, travel insurance for Thailand can help you with any emergency financial discomfort during your trip. Remember to purchase a policy from a reliable provider only after reading policy documents. 

Summing It Up!

India Post offers a vital service regarding passport speed post tracking. Regardless of what passport service you access from the Passport Seva Kendra, the availability of easy tracking throughout the application and delivery term makes it easy to plan your trip accordingly. 

While the passport speed post tracking service may offer peace of mind, sometimes the passport may get stuck during transit, depending on various factors. Thus, in such a case, you must patiently wait for your passport and may reach out to your nearest post office if the delivery is still pending after several days!

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and claims underwriting are subject to policy terms and conditions. Kindly refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

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