A Comprehensive Guide to Apply for a Spouse Visa for Canada


A Comprehensive Guide to Apply for a Spouse Visa for Canada

Flying to Canada to pursue a better career opportunity shall no longer be a lonely journey! Your partner can accompany you during this exciting phase of life, thanks to spouse visas.

A spouse visa is issued to the spouses of foreign nationals working or pursuing higher studies in a country.

However, obtaining a spouse visa can sometimes be daunting if you do not keep the details in mind.

Thus, we have created a comprehensive guide about what you should know while applying for a visa for a spouse in Canada. First, let us explain what is a spouse visa.

What is a Spouse Visa?

A spouse visa is a visa for individuals whose partners are permanent residents or citizens in a foreign country. With a spouse visa, a legally married spouse of the resident of the country gets permission to live, study or work in Canada for up to a specified period.

Whether you are a Canadian married to an Indian citizen or an Indian citizen who is a resident in Canada, your legally married partner can be allowed to come over to Canada and stay if they have a spouse visa for Canada from India.

What are the Eligibility Criteria to Apply for a Visa for Spouse in Canada?

To be able to apply for a spouse sponsorship visa successfully, you must meet the following set of requirements.

  • You and your spouse must be legally married for at least a year, and one of you should be either a Canadian citizen or a resident of Canada or have a work visa for Canada.
  • You should be 18 years old to apply for a spouse visa in Canada.
  • You and your spouse must not be involved in any criminal cases. You and the sponsored spouse must not be a threat to Canadian security.
  • You must meet all the immigration requirements and not have a history of immigration violations.
  • You and your spouse must undergo the specified medical tests and meet the criteria for medical well-being.

Steps to Apply for a Spouse Visa for Canada from India

The Canada spouse visa typically requires two sides of the application: the sponsor and the sponsored. Below, we have created a concise step-by-step guide for spouse visa application so that the process is clear to you at the time of the application.

Step 1: Check out the eligibility criteria.

The first step for a spouse visa application should be to check out the eligibility criteria. You should ensure you meet all the set requirements, such as legal marriage, financial requirements, etc.

Step 2: Apply to become a sponsor.

As you fulfil all the eligibility requirements, the Canadian partner should apply for a sponsor application on the official website of IRCC(Immigration, Refugees and Citizenships Canada).

Step 3: Compile the application package.

The sponsored spouse should compile an application package, including the application form, supporting documents and the application fee. Per the IRCC, the applicant (sponsored) must undergo medical examinations and provide biometrics and photographs along with the application package.

Step 4: Submit the spouse sponsorship visa application.

The sponsored spouse must submit the application package to the consulate office and pay the spouse visa application fee.

Step 5: Wait for the visa approval.

The IRCC may ask both the sponsor and the sponsored to appear for an additional interview and assistance in only a few cases. You will receive a POE letter once your spouse's visa application gets approved. Once you receive the approval, the sponsor can come over to live with the sponsor and apply for a work permit if they wish to work in Canada.

Following the aforementioned steps shall ensure a successful spouse visa application. However, you should also know what documents are required for a spouse visa in Canada. Read along to know!


Documents Required for Spouse Visa Canada

To ensure a hassle-free spouse visa application for Canada, you should have a list of documents ready to support your application. Although the document requirements may vary based on whether you are applying as a citizen of Canada or from outside Canada, the commonly required documents are listed below:

  • Your travel history and valid original passport
  • Your original documents of education, date of birth, residential address, etc.
  • Proof of income of the sponsor that meets the eligibility criteria
  • Legal documents asserting marriage such as marriage certificate
  • Complete application package and visa application fee.

Though there is no such mandatory requirement for a Canada spouse visa, it is strongly recommended that you get international travel insurance for yourself and your spouse. Canada's national healthcare system does not grant free medical coverage to foreign tourists.

Spouse Visa Canada Processing Time

The processing time for a spouse visa for Canada may vary greatly depending on whether you apply for the spousal sponsorship from Canada or outside of Canada.

The processing time may also vary based on the complexity of your application. However, if you have a standard visa application, the processing time for a spousal visa maybe 7-12 months.

Once you fill out the spouse visa application, you can track your application online on the official website of IRCC, Canada.

We hope the above information helps you while lodging a spouse visa. Remember, the spouse visa is also applicable for same-sex marriages in Canada.

You should also remember that your visa application remains temporary until you acquire permanent residence in Canada. Thus, if you intend not to obtain permanent residence in Canada, you should take safety measures to secure your spouse’s short-term stay in Canada.

Wondering how? Read on to know.

Secure Your Spouse’s Short-term Visit with Travel Insurance

Securing your spouse’s trip to Canada with the best travel insurance can be a wise decision if they stay for a short while. The travel plan shall work as a financial helmet if your loved one faces a medical emergency.

The travel insurance for Canada shall also cover them if they face trip-related hiccups, such as trip delay, baggage loss, theft of their passport, spousal sponsorship visa, etc.

Thus, think no more. Know more about your ideal travel health insurance today!

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