Seasonal Globetrotting: 10 Best Places to Visit in March

Seasonal Globetrotting: 10 Best Places to Visit in March

March Magic: Top 10 Destinations for Seasonal Globetrotting

March is the month when the Cherry blossom blooms and the chilly winter wanes. Neither too cold nor too hot, March is typically perfect for those who wish to unwind from the winter chills and explore the vibrant hues of nature!

Likewise, as you come out of your shells (and blankets) and get ready to fulfil the wanderlust inside you, we share our researched list of the 10 best places to visit in March outside India.

Just sit back and choose from the list of best international places to visit! 

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka becomes even more beautiful during the spring season. It tops the list of the best places to visit in March outside India because the island gets flocked with various plantations and wildlife at this time of the year. 

From lush green Palm trees to flocked tea plantations, Sri Lanka offers a breathtaking view on a budget!

If you’ve had plenty of Holi celebrations in India, Sri Lanka is the next destination you should visit to have a blast on Holi.

Things to Do in Sri Lanka: 

  • Participate in water sports,
  • Explore the cultural heritage,
  • Unwind and explore beaches,
  • Hiking at Adam’s Peak, 
  • Go for wildlife safaris, etc.

Visa Permission for Indians: Indian visitors can explore Sri Lanka Visa-free or on an ETA.

Currency: Sri Lankan Rupee

Sri Lanka


Nepal is the following country we suggest you visit to satisfy your quest for adventure on a budget. From bungee jumping and trekking to river rafting, Nepal offers it all.

Apart from the adrenaline rush, Nepal offers a cultural treat through the picturesque mountains, rivers and falls. 

If you are short on time and are exploring nearby destinations to visit in March, book your tickets to Nepal! While at it, don’t forget to visit Pokhara and go sightseeing for the stunning Annapurna range.

Things to Do in Nepal: 

  • Participate in river rafting,
  • Go sightseeing,
  • Bungee jumping,
  • Visit Phewa Lake, etc.

Visa Permission for Indians:  Indian visitors do not require a visa to visit Nepal

Currency:  Nepalese Rupee 


Costa Rica

If you recognise yourself as a nemophilist, Costa Rica is the best place to visit in March. March in Costa Rica is a dry season, and you can unapologetically go sightseeing in the lush green rainforests. The country also blesses your vision with breathtaking views of volcanoes and pristine beaches. While nature offers a new experience, the country's culture and people are no less. 

 In short, if you are up for a trip that blends nature, culture, and adventure, Costa Rica is one of the abroad places to visit.

While you plan to visit Costa Rica, do not forget to participate in the famous zip-lining adventures and savour the country’s famed coffee!

Things to Do in Costa Rica:

  • Surfing, 
  • Zip Riding,
  • Hiking,
  • Sightseeing,
  • Relish various cuisines, etc.

Visa Permission for Indians: Indian visitors must apply for a visa to travel to Costa Rica.

Currency: Costa Rican Colón

Costa Rica


Vietnam is a Southeast Asian destination recognised as one of the best countries to visit in March. The country is known for its hospitality and the well-preserved ancient touch in its culture.

In March, the Vietnamese weather is perfect for individuals who have just experienced nerve-numbing winters. The refreshing blend of warmth and occasional winds makes it the best time to explore the destination without the stress of being caught up under the weather!

While you plan to visit Vietnam, don’t miss out on exploring the Ho Chi Minh City metropolis and experiencing tranquillity at Hoi An, an ancient town.

Things to Do in Vietnam:

  • Experience the hospitality of Vietnam
  • Explore the ancient towns
  • Visit Hanoi’s Old Quarter
  • Go Trekking
  • Relish Vietnamese Cuisines 

Visa Permission for Indians: Indian visitors can visit Vietnam with an E-visa

Currency: Vietnamese Dong



Istanbul is a beautiful city in Turkey that preserves ancient history like anything! Home to beautiful mosques, culinary delicacies, ancient tales, and a 500-year-old traditional bath, Istanbul offers visitors every delight! Even more so when you visit the destination between March and May.

We recommend you experience some of the world’s tastiest kebabs, go sightseeing at the Blue Mosque, and visit the Grand Bazaar if you ever land in Istanbul between March to May.

Things to Do in Istanbul:

  • Explore the culture
  • Shop your heart out
  • Taste the world’s best kebabs and meaty dishes

Visa Permission for Indians: Indian visitors need to apply for a Türkiye visa if they wish to visit Istanbul

Currency: Turkish Lira



One of the biggest islands in Thailand- Phuket, is another destination to visit in March. Whether you wish to embark on a solo trip or with your friends, Phuket is the best place for all the right reasons! Talk about the nightlife, pristine beaches, or luxury getaways; Phuket will offer all of it on a budget.

Things to Do in Phuket: 

  • Explore the markets
  • Relax at beaches
  • Experience the best nightlife

Visa Permission for Indians: Indian visitors can apply for visa on arrival

Currency: Thai Bhat


Islands of Bermuda

If you have done enough of trekking, hiking and exploring the cultures on the ground, you can start with some fun underwater exploration this travel season! To do so, there’s no better way to visit the Bermuda islands. 

The pink sand, marine life, crystal caves, and everything about the islands of Bermuda make it one of the best places to visit in March.

Things to Do in Bermuda:

  • Relax at the pink sand beaches
  • Visit the Crystal caves
  • Experience marine life through scuba diving, snorkelling, etc.
  • Visit the Bermuda aquarium

Visa Permission for Indians: Indian visitors should apply for visas to visit the islands of Bermuda

Currency: The Bermudian Dollar

Islands of Bermuda

Cape Town

The South African capital, Cape Town, offers a fresh experience to anyone who visits the destination during March. After the end of the festive season, the expenses of exploring the destination also come down. 

Once in Cape Town, you can bless your vision with colourful villages, experience travelling through cable cars, and enjoy the breathtaking views of the capital. 

Precisely put, Cape Town in March is a vacation coming to you straight out of a fiction story!

Things to Do in Cape Town: 

  • Relax at beaches
  • Go sightseeing 
  • Relish the local culinary

Visa Permission for Indians: Indian visitors should apply for visa or an E-visa to visit Cape Town

Currency: South African Rand

Cape Town


Spring season in Morocco is a special delight to experience! The beautiful country gets covered in spring blooms, making it the best place to visit in March. 

While you are in Morocco, take advantage of the hiking opportunity at the Atlas Mountains and go sightseeing in various bustling markets of the country.

Things to Do in Morocco: 

  • Visit the Blue City of Chefchaouen
  • Go sightseeing 
  • Explore the local markets

Visa Permission for Indians: Indian visitors should apply for a visa to visit Morocco

Currency: Moroccan Dirham



The fusion of modern-day nightlife with beautiful nature makes Florida one of the best places to visit outside India. For nature enthusiasts, the country offers beautifully blooming parks, lush landscapes, and pristine beaches. Meanwhile, for those who wish to explore city life, Florida offers theme parks such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, as well as the nightlife in Miami. 

The country is the perfect destination for every traveller who wishes to experience nightlife and nature in one go.

Things to Do in Florida:

  • Visit theme parks
  • Participate in beach activities
  • Visit the Everglades National Park
  • Go Snorkelling in the Florida Keys

Visa Permission for Indians: Indian visitors should apply for a visa to visit Florida

Currency: US Dollar


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Make sure you get approval from your doctor before embarking on an enlightening journey if you are someone with an existing medical condition.

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