Planning A Trip to Singapore? Here’s Your Travel Guide


planning a trip to singapore here s your travel guide


Singapore, popularly called the Lion City, is an enchanting land with its culture having a lot of similarities with that of India. This is one of the reasons why Indians love visiting Singapore. Be it for education, business or family vacation, Singapore is a perfect destination for millions of travellers. If a trip to Singapore is on your mind, it is important that you have up-to-date information about everything that will ensure a comfortable journey for you.

As a traveller visiting this country, you should opt for travel insurance for Singapore. This is essential to safeguard your travel budget in case you face any medical emergency. Not just medical expenses, travel plans also cover loss of belongings and trip interruptions, delays or cancellation.

Care Health Insurance offers ‘Explore’ a customised international travel plan for your preferred destination to help you deal with unexpected expenditures in your trip.

To make your Singapore trip hassle-free, follow these travel tips:

Apply for Visa Early

To visit Singapore, you required a pre-approved visa. If possible, apply for your tourist visa at least one month before your departure. You can apply for a Singapore e-Visa which is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Singapore. Using this visa, you can stay in the country for 30 days.

Plan Your Budget

For a short trip to Singapore, be prepared to spend at least 100 Singapore Dollar (S$) per day. This is the average cost for accommodation, food and transportation for mid-range budget travellers. The Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) is a reliable transport option in Singapore and the fare is around 4 S$.

Protect Your Health

Before starting your trip, find out about the vaccines recommended for international tourists like hepatitis A, hepatitis B, Japanese encephalitis, typhoid, etc. It is advised that you carry over-the-counter medicines, first-aid kit and medication in case of any specific ailment, during your trip. 

Also, get Singapore travel insurance policy which will financially equip you to deal with emergency hospitalisation due to unforeseen events such as illness or injury. As a smart traveller, keeping such exigencies in mind and preparing for them by opting for travel plans is a good way to avoid stress.

Pack Essentials

When visiting a new location, it is advisable to carry a map to easily identify and locate places. Also, keep your travel documents such as passport and flight tickets safely.

When going on an international trip, it is always better to buy a travel plan. Carry your travel insurance documents including contact details of your insurer in case the need to make a claim arises.

These travel plans provide cushion to your travel budget by covering unforeseen non-medical expenses such as loss of checked-in baggage and loss of passport. Moreover, they offer coverage in case of unexpected trip delays or interruption that can lead to out-of-pocket expenses for a tourist.

Before buying a destination-specific policy like travel insurance Singapore, it is important to know the exclusions – that is the cases where you will not be eligible to make claims on your policy. This is crucial so that you can be prepared with the required finances in case of events which are not covered in your policy. 

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and underwriting of claims are subject to policy terms and conditions. Please refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

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