Last Minute Travel Insurance- Better Late Than Never!


Last Minute Travel Insurance- Better Late Than Never!

Nimisha, Tasha, and Chaya planned a trip to Maldives for Chaya's bachelorette!

The three ladies booked their tickets and made other reservations for their week-long stay. They created a to-do list, and though everything was working as planned, Tasha could sense something was amiss.

However, she could only realise it once the ladies lost one of the checked-in baggage at the destination airport.

"We could have got compensation for this loss had we bought a travel insurance plan!!" Tasha regretted it as she told her friends.

"All in vain; nothing can be done now; we can not buy a travel insurance plan now", Chaya said. 

The three friends completed their trip but with a lot of apprehensions. They realised they could have saved the trip’s enjoyment and budget had they selected the right overseas travel insurance in time!

But the question is — how much ‘last-minute’ can you be when you have forgotten to buy a travel insurance plan?

The shortest answer is– at least 1 hour before your flight’s departure. 

With Care Health Insurance, you can get the right travel cover through our digital portal in as close as 10 minutes. We offer uncompromised coverage to travellers, even at the last minute, given you book our travel cover before the immigration checkpoint. This way, you can save your journey and travel budget from unforeseen travel contingencies and medical emergencies. 

But what are the consequences of buying travel insurance at the last minute, you may wonder? 

Well, none really.

Buying travel insurance at the last minute is better than not buying one in the first place and risking your journey to an unfateful financial crisis! Let’s look at the five benefits of buying travel insurance at the last minute.

Five Benefits of Buying Travel Insurance at the Last Minute

Fret not if you could not buy travel insurance beforehand! You can still cover yourself from derailing expenses by opting for Care Explore- the International Travel Insurance Plan at the last moment! Bursting the myth that last-minute overseas travel insurance comes with certain limitations, here are five benefits that you get when you buy overseas travel insurance.

You Get Covered for PED

Dealing with pre-existing ailments and worried that your last-minute travel insurance wouldn’t cover you? Enter Care Explore — the travel cover that safeguards you against life-threatening medical conditions due to pre-existing illnesses. This benefit comes as an optional benefit, and you can avail of it by paying a slightly higher premium amount.

Also, it is always recommended to declare your pre-existing medical conditions while opting for a travel cover. This helps us offer you adequate coverage and benefits against insurable events. All you have to do is visit the webpage of Care Health Insurance, fill in the details, select the insured members' pre-existing conditions, generate a quote for your trip and buy the plan before leaving the country.

You Get Covered for Hospitalisation

We cover all the specified health-related emergencies occurring during the journey resulting in the hospitalisation of the insured member. Not just this, Care Explore offers coverage for emergency OPD expenses as per the standard policy terms and conditions.

You Get Covered for Emergency Evacuation

Suppose you have taken off for a trip with your old parents. However, sadly, the change in weather and time zones has led the elderly to a critical health condition for which emergency evacuation is the only way out! To help you, our last-minute travel insurance covers emergency medical evacuation for moving to the nearest hospital where adequate medical care is available (per policy terms).

You Get Coverage for Trip Delays and Cancellation

Suppose you are travelling across borders and need to take transit flights to reach your final destination. Unfortunately, your first layover takes time, due to which you miss your second flight. Such burdening trip delays can happen to anyone. However, you do not have to worry about it if you’ve bought a travel insurance plan well in time. With Care Explore, you get coverage for trip delays caused by severe weather conditions, earthquakes, acts of terror, engine failure, and other reasons out of your control.

You Get Coverage for Loss of Checked-In Baggage

The last thing you would want to experience after landing at your destination would be a loss of belonging. Yet, if you do happen to lose your checked-in baggage, laptop, or passport upon landing on an alien land, the travel insurance bought at the last moment can help!

Moreover, apart from serving the aforementioned benefits, travel insurance bought at the last moment also covers you for situations such as liability charges, passport loss, compassionate visit (if you are a student), repatriation of mortal remains (in case of unfortunate death), and permanent total disability (in case of accidental disability). 

Final Thoughts

To ensure a safe journey, it is very important to have travel insurance by your side. 

At Care Health Insurance, we provide easy ways to secure your trip even at the last minute of starting your trip! Unlike several travel insurance options available in the market, Care Health Insurance offers travel insurance plans that do not affect the premium, no matter how late you buy one. Given that you have bought your plan before the immigration checkpoint and before taking off from your source destination, you can be covered under an affordable premium.

Don't wait anymore; opt for Care Explore Travel Cover and secure your trip before it’s too late!

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and claims underwriting are subject to policy terms and conditions. Kindly refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.



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