Indian Passport Ranking in Henley Passport Index 2023


Indian Passport Ranking in Henley Passport Index 2023

Did you know? India ranks 80th in the Henley Passport Index 2023 out of 199 countries.

This ranking gives Indian citizens travel freedom. Simply put, thanks to the Henley passport index, you can enter the borders of around 57 countries without the hassles of a prior visa application.

You may wonder what the Henley Passport Index is and how it works. Well, read on to learn each aspect of the Henley Passport Index in this blog.

What is the Henley Passport Index?

Henley Passport Index is a global ranking of all the 199 countries/ territories that determines the travel freedom of its citizens. The index ranks the countries based on their passport strength. The higher your country’s Henley Passport Index Rank, the more countries you can enter without following hectic visa procedures.

Henley & Partners, a global citizenship and residence firm, publishes the Henley Passport Index data provided by the International Air Transport Authority (IATA).

Indian Passport Ranking in 2023

Although we still have a long way to go, India has gradually improved its passport strength. In the Henley Passport Index 2023, India ranks 80th, that is, with an Indian passport, you can travel to up to 57 countries without requiring a prior visa or government approval. The country shares the Henley Passport Index ranking with 3 other countries in 2023: Togo, Senegal, and Cuba. Henley Passport Index represents our global stand and the access of easy international travel.

Read on to understand how the Henley Passport Index works.

How Does the Henley Passport Index Work

The Henley Passport Index evaluates the world's 199 passports based on the number of destinations that can be entered without prior hassles of getting visa approval. Henley & Partners also consider factors such as the country’s international agreements and diplomatic relations. The following procedure evaluates the Henley Passport Index ranking for a cCountry:

If the passport holder requires no visa for a certain travel destination, then a remark ‘1’ is provided to the passport. Remark= ‘1’ is also provided if the passport holder does not face any hassles of government approval and can apply for visa-on-arrival or ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) to visit the country.

A remark= ‘0’ is provided if the passport holder has to apply for an e-visa to specific destinations. Also, if pre-departure government approval is required for a particular destination, a ‘0’ remark is provided.

Further, the country's overall score is determined by assessing the number of destinations for visa-free entry. The higher the number of countries with visa-free entries, the better your passport’s rank.

List of Top 10 Ranking Countries in the Henley Passport Index

The top countries in the Henley Passport Index include Singapore, South Korea, Japan, etc. The countries are ranked according to the number of destinations they can enter visa-free. Please refer to the link as mentioned below-

Name of Country Henley Passport Index Ranking Number of Visa-free Destinations Allowed
Singapore 1 193
Japan 2 190
South Korea 2 190
Germany 2 190
France 2 190
Spain 2 190
Sweden 2 190
Finland 2 190
Italy 2 190
Luxembourg 3 189
Austria 3 189
Denmark 3 189
Netherlands 3 189
Ireland 3 189
United Kingdom 3 189
Portugal 4 188
Belgium 4 188
Norway 4 188
Malta 4 188
Czechia 5 187
Greece 6 186
Hungary 6 186
Canada 6 186
Australia 6 186
Lithuania 7 185
United States 7 185
Latvia 8 184
Slovakia 8 184
Slovenia 8 184
Estonia 9 183
Iceland 10 182

Final Words

The Henley Passport Index is an international data that represents the passport strength of various passports across the world. While a higher Henley Passport Index ensures easy access to international travel, a lower rank may result in a restricted travel allowance for the passport holder.

Countries must enhance their diplomatic relations to enhance their HPI ranking. It is also crucial for citizens of the country to travel consciously and ensure a safe and harm-free international trip. Travellers must ensure that they are financially independent and have secured their trip with appropriate travel insurance so that they do not become liable for their destination country in an emergency.

Thus, if you plan to travel to a foreign land, cover your trip with an international travel insurance so that you bring back only good memories from your trip!

Yet to secure your upcoming trip? Connect with us to get a quote now!

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