How to Claim for Passport Cover under the Travel Insurance Easily?


How to Claim for Passport Cover under the Travel Insurance Easily?

Anticipated goodbyes, enthralling excitement of the new journey, and the clouds… 

There are more important things to think about than the stress of any mishap while starting a new journey! Whether you are a frequent traveller or are embarking on your first journey, there are a few things that must be kept on your travel checklist. And the topmost among the things should be your Passport & visa. 

Your Passport is an internationally accepted document that allows you to travel worldwide. Hence, losing your Passport or misplacing it during travel may lead you to an unanticipated situation.

Don’t worry! This loss can be mitigated!

If you have an international travel insurance plan you can rest assured about the financial hole in your pocket and easily focus on getting your emergency passport quickly.

What are the Repercussions of the Loss of an Indian Passport?

The loss of an Indian passport may not be the end of your international travel, given that you have travel insurance; however, the mayhem is enough to convert your planned vacation into a bad trip! Losing your Passport during or even before the start of your journey may lead you to the following repercussions:

  • You may be required to undergo a prolonged investigation before being issued a temporary passport.
  • If you cannot find any justifiable answers to the investigation for losing your Indian Passport during your trip, you may be sent back to India.
  • Loss of your Indian Passport before getting departed from your source may lead to the cancellation of your trip. 

How to Prevent Mayhem after the Loss of an Indian Passport?

Here are a few things to remember which can help you greatly in case your Passport gets lost during a trip:

  • First, report to the nearest police station (or authorities) about the loss of your Passport.
  • Keep additional copies of your Indian Passport with you beforehand.
  • Keep a digital copy of the Passport with you on your drive (or mail) so that you can access your Passport remotely.
  • Always keep a list of Indian consulates and embassies of the country you are visiting and the helpline number of your travel insurance company so that you can connect with them at any time for the quick issuance of your temporary Passport. 

Did You Know? The Expenses of Your Passport Loss are Covered? 

Yes! Given that you are covered with International Travel Insurance, you get covered for the re-issuance of important documents such as Passports and Visas. 

How to Claim the Passport Cover under International Travel Insurance Plan?

Your travel insurance provider is concerned about the losses incurred during your passport loss. The insurer may ensure that you only have to go through the commotion of reimbursing your Passport without worrying about financial loss. Here are the easy steps by which you can claim the passport cover under the best travel insurance plan:

a) Immediately after realizing the loss of your Indian Passport, report the incident to the local police of the place. 

b) Next, inform your insurer about the loss. The insurer may ask you to provide documents such as- 

  • Original FIR (made to the local police of the area)
  • Details of the expenses incurred in the form of original receipts
  • Details of the attempts made to search the Passport.
  • Details of where and how the Passport went missing (misplaced/ robbed/ damaged)

c) Once the verification process is done, the insurer will reimburse the expenses incurred in issuing you the duplicate Passport.

Beware! Choose Wisely!

Unlike a Health Insurance Plan, an International Travel Insurance Plan can be something you must be wary about before buying. Not reading the brochure in detail and leaving out the crucial points may lead you to post-purchase regret! Hence, before accepting your International travel insurance plan, make sure to explore each aspect of the plan.

The International travel insurance plan by Care Health Insurance is a plan generously designed for the travelling freak inside you! The plan ensures to cover you in phases such as Passport & visa loss, baggage loss, trip delay, interruptions, or cancellation. The travel insurance policy also covers you for listed medical emergencies en route.

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and claims underwriting are subject to policy terms and conditions. Kindly refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.


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